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The idea of E-Challan Himachal Pradesh is a noteworthy endeavor that aims to minimize human contact and speed up the collection of penalties. The cameras and detection methods used for e-challan HP are getting gradually better over time to make the process error-free and flawless. While the government works to reduce and regulate offenses, it is our responsibility as citizens to obey the law when we are on the road.

  • A common Hindi word, challan or chalan, has evolved into an official Indian English technical term used in many professional contexts, particularly financial ones. 
  • Typically, e-challan refers to a formal document like a receipt for acknowledgement, a piece of papers, a police ticket, etc. 
  • An electronic form of a challan is called an e-Challan. 

How to check the status of an e-challan Himachal Pradesh?

To check the status of an e-challan Himachal Pradesh payment you can follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Go to echallan.parivahan.gov.in to the Parivahan website.

Step 2: Select ‘Check Online Services’ and then click ‘Check Challan Status.

Step 3: Type in your car or challan number.

Step 4: A screen will show your e-challan status.

Step 5: If there are no e-challans filed against your car, a notice stating “No challan discovered” will show.

How to Use the E-Challan Himachal Pradesh Portal for Online Payment?

You can choose from a variety of options when paying the Himachal Pradesh traffic e-challan online. The following list of some of them are:

Step 1: You can access the official e-challan Himachal Pradesh website at himkosh.hp.nic.in

Step 2: Sign up or log in using an existing account.

Step 3: A new page where you can enter your information, such as your vehicle number or e-challan number, will display.

Step 4: Your pending e-challan information will appear after you have supplied the relevant information.

Step 5: Pay the e-challan costs online. You will then get a confirmation notice indicating the fees have been paid.

Citizens can pay at any time because this facility is open 24 hours a day making it convenient. For manual payment at the bank counter, a citizen can create the challan online.

Use the login ID “guest” for unregistered users.

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How to use the Parivahan website to pay e-challan Himachal Pradesh?

Below are the steps to guide you how to use the parivahan website for e-challan:

Step 1: Go to the Parivahan website i.e., echallan.parivahan.gov.in.

Step 2: Select the “Check Challan Status” option from the dropdown menu under “Check Online Services.”

Step 3: Complete the captcha on this page by entering your challan number or vehicle number.

Your pending challan information will appear in step four.

Step 5: You can use one of the various payment options to settle the e-challan.

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Steps to pay e-challan Himachal Pradesh through UPI

E-challan can also be paid through Paytm and other UPI addresses, here’s how:

Step 1:Open the “Recharge and Bills” section of the Paytm and other UPI apps on your phone

Step 2: Select the “E Challan” option under this section.

Step 3: Enter your information, such as your vehicle number or challan number.

Step 4: Information about your pending challan will appear on the screen.

Step 5: At this point, you can pay your challan using any of the accepted methods, including Paytm wallet, UPI, net banking, credit or debit cards, etc.

Step 6: You will be notified that the challan has been cleared after a successful transaction.

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Himachal Pradesh E-challan Fine/Penalty and Violations

Based on the 2019 Motor Vehicle Amendment Act, the Himachal Pradesh government changed fines and established compounding limitations for a variety of traffic infractions. The state’s administration has established a minimum and maximum amount that can be fined for breaking a traffic law as a form of e-challan. The list of fine rates that apply to drivers in Himachal Pradesh are shown in the table below.

Type of violationFines (INR)
Contravention of traffic Provisions, Rules, Regulations, and Notifications.For the first offense: 500-750
For subsequent offense: 1,500-2,250
Traveling without ticket500-750
Dereliction of duty by the conductor of stage carriage.500-750
If the permit-holder or driver of contract carriage (two-wheeled or three-wheeled vehicle) refuses to ply or carry passengers in contravention of Act and rules50-75
Disobedience of orders, or refusal of information to authority.1,000-3,000
An unauthorized person driving a motor vehicle5,000-7,500
Driving vehicles without a license5,000-7,500
Anyone sells or offers to sell critical safety component1,00,000-1,50,000 per component
Alteration of a motor vehicle by the owner5,000-7,500 per component
Prohibition of Registration & Fitness certificate to oversized vehicles7,500-15,000
Not adhering to speed limitsFor LMV: 1,500-3000
For HMV: 3,000-6,000
Using a mobile phone while drivingFor first offense:1,500-7,500
For subsequent offense: 10,000-15,000
Driving while suffering from any disease or disabilityFor first offense: 1,000-1,500
For subsequent offense: 2,000-3,000
Racing/dangerous drivingFor First offense:5,000-7,500
For subsequent offense: 10,000-15,000
Violating the standards of road safety, and noise or air pollution5,000-15,000
Driving vehicle without a registration certificate.For first offense: 3,000-7,500
For subsequent offense; 7,500-15,000
Driving vehicle in contravention of permit conditions10,000-15,000
Driving an overloaded goods vehicle30,000 and Rs. 3,000 per tonne for excess load
Refusing to check the vehicle weight40,000-60,000
Driving an overloaded passenger vehicle200-300 per extra passenger
Drives without wearing a safety belt1,000-1,500
Driving vehicle with children without safety-belt1,000-1,500
Triple-riding a two-wheeler1,000-1,500
Blocking passage of emergency vehicles10,000-15,000
Unnecessary honkingfor first offense: 1,000-1,500
For subsequent offense: 2,000-3,000
Driving vehicle without insuranceFor first offense: 2,000-3,000
For subsequent offense: 4,000-6,000

E-Challan Himachal Pradesh FAQs

Documents that are required while driving to avoid e-challan?

Driving License, Registration Certificate, Taxation Certificate, Emission Test Certificate, Fitness Certificate & Permit (while driving transport vehicles), Insurance Certificate.

Is there a deadline to pay e-challan Himachal Pradesh?

You are liable to pay your traffic e-challan Himachal Pradesh within 60 days of issuance. Otherwise, your challan is sent to the court for further proceedings.

Can I pay e-challan Himachal Pradesh online?

Yes. You can either visit the official Himachal Pradesh traffic police website or utilise the Parivahan portal. Moreover, you can also pay e-challan Himachal Pradesh via Paytm and other UPI addresses.

Can e-challan Himachal Pradesh be paid through mobile phone?

Yes, e-challan Himachal Pradesh can be paid through various UPI apps on phone as well as through mobile net-banking.

How do I verify the Himachal Pradesh police’s traffic fine receipt?

Your challan number, driving license number, or vehicle number should be used to log into the Parivahan website. Along with a link to download the receipt, you will receive a list of all of your paid e-challans to verify the fine receipt.

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