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Securing the IIT Palakkad GATE Cut-Off is an essential step for those seeking to gain entry into one of India’s leading engineering establishments – IIT Palakkad. Every applicant must satisfy the IIT Palakkad MTech Cut-Off in order to progress with the admission process at the institute. Furthermore, applicants should bear in mind that the IIT Palakkad MTech Cut-Off is not the same as the GATE qualifying marks; they are two separate entities. Aspiring candidates should frequently check the IIT Palakkad MTech Cutoff 2023 to determine if they have qualified for admission to IIT Palakkad or not.

IIT Palakkad MTech Cutoff 2023

The cutoff marks for IIT Palakkad’s MTech program for 2023 will be released after the exam has been taken. Admissions will be given based on the cutoff marks for the specific specialisation of the MTech program. This IIT Palakkad MTech Cutoff 2023 is determined by a number of factors like ranking earned in the GATE exam, number of seats available, choice filling, reservation rules, etc. This article also contains a table that has the GATE cutoffs from earlier years. Also, candidates will be able to get the IIT Palakkad GATE Cutoff 2018 for MTech and IIT Palakkad MTech Cutoff 2019.

Factors Determining the IIT Palakkad MTech Admission GATE Cutoff

The GATE Score required to be eligible for admission to MTech programs at each IIT will vary and the respective IITs will announce the GATE Cutoff based on the factors below. The Cutoff for each IIT can be viewed on the official website of CCMT (Centralised Counselling for MTech). 

There are some factors that will determine the GATE Cutoff for IITs in MTech programs such as the overall score of contenders who passed the GATE 2023 assessment and the intricacy of the test (i.e. easy, moderate, or hard). Also, the total amount of places available in a particular program.

IIT Palakkad MTech Cut Off 2020

If you are looking for information on the IIT Palakkad MTech Cut Off 2020, you should check out the following table here. 

Department NameSpecialisationGENOBCSCST
Computer Science and EngineeringComputing and Mathematics418469255
Computer Science and EngineeringData Science448535288277
Civil EngineeringGeotechnical Engineering599548391
Mechanical EngineeringManufacturing and Materials Engineering578588387257
Electrical EngineeringPower Systems & Power Electronics554588426265

IIT MTech Cutoff 2019

The following table shares the general detail related to the IIT MTech Cutoff 2019.

Aerospace Engineering (AE)33.530.222.3
Agricultural Engineering (AG)28.325.518.9
Architecture and Planning (AR)4136.927.3
Biotechnology (BT)35.932.323.9
Civil Engineering (CE)28.225.418.8
Chemical Engineering (CH)34.831.323.2
Computer Science and Information Technology (CS)29.526.619.7
Chemistry (CY)3228.821.3
Electronics and Communication Engineering (EC)26.72417.8
Electrical Engineering (EE)39.635.626.4
Ecology and Evolution (EY)37.133.424.7
Geology and Geophysics (GG)44.540.129.7
Instrumentation Engineering (IN)31.928.721.3
Mathematics (MA)2522.516.7
Mechanical Engineering (ME)34.130.722.7
Mining Engineering (MN)31.528.421
Metallurgical Engineering (MT)53.548.135.7
Petroleum Engineering (PE)49.944.933.3
Physics (PH)25.222.716.8
Production and Industrial Engineering (PI)32.22921.5
Statistics (ST)32.529.221.7
Textile Engineering and Fibre Science (TF)
Engineering Sciences (XE- A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H)26.72417.8
Life Sciences (XL- P, Q, R, S, T, U)36.73324.5

IIT MTech 2018 Cutoff

The details about the IIT MTech 2018 Cutoff is provided below in the table. Candidates are advised to read it thoroughly to learn more. 

IIT Bombay MTech Cutoff 2023IIT Palakkad MTech Cutoff 2023IIT Goa MTech Cutoff 2023
IIT Bhilai MTech Cutoff 2023IIT Tirupati MTech Cutoff 2023IIT Dhanbad MTech cutoff 2023
IIT Ropar MTech Cutoff 2023IIT Bhubaneswar MTech cutoff 2023IIT Mandi MTech Cutoff 2023
IIT Indore MTech Cutoff 2023IIT Gandhinagar MTech cutoff 2023IIT Kharagpur MTech Cutoff 2023
IIT Jodhpur MTech Cutoff 2023IIT Madras MTech Cutoff 2023IIT BHU MTech Cutoff 2023
IIT Roorkee MTech Cutoff 2023IIT Kanpur MTech Cutoff 2023IIT Hyderabad M.Tech Cutoff
IIT Guwahati M.Tech Cutoff 2023IIT Delhi MTech Cutoff 2023GATE Opening and Closing Rank For IIT 

 IIT Palakkad MTech Cutoff 2023: FAQs

What rank is required for MTech in IIT?

To be accepted into one of the top IITs, a student must have a GATE rank of 200 or lower. However, those with a score between 600 and 800 can also be admitted to IITs.

Is the GATE cutoff for IIT admission same or different for every subject?

Applicants should be aware that the GATE 2023 qualifying marks will vary for the 29 individual GATE 2023 subjects.

What should be the minimum GATE score for IIT?

With reference to the previously released results, the range of the GATE scores should be between 400-800.

What is the IIT Palakkad MTech Cutoff 2023?

The  IIT Palakkad MTech Cutoff 2023 will be released after the result of the exam. 

Where can I get the IIT Palakkad MTech Cutoff for the previous year?

This article shares the IIT Palakkad MTech Cutoff details for previous year. Candidates can read it thoroughly to learn more!

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