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The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee is one of India’s most renowned public engineering institutes. The gateway for admission into IIT Roorkee for MTech is the GATE examination. GATE 2023 results will be out on March 16, 2023. The IIT Roorkee MTech cutoff 2023 will be announced shortly after the selection process. People interested in enrolling in one of the M.Tech programs offered by IIT Roorkee should review the MTech cutoff for IIT Roorkee before beginning the selection process to determine if they are eligible.

Potential candidates interested in IIT Roorkee can look at this article to learn more about the factors that affect the IIT Roorkee cutoff MTech, previous year cutoffs, and the category-wise cutoffs for a clear understanding.

IIT Roorkee MTech Cutoff 2023

The IIT Roorkee MTech cutoff 2023 is the minimum mark an applicant must achieve to participate in the selection process at IIT Roorkee for any MTech course. Various factors will have an impact on the IIT Roorkee GATE MTech Cutoff. Students should be aware that the cutoff is not decided solely based on the difficulty of the exam. Other criteria, such as the total number of vacancies available, The number of registered candidates for the GATE 2023, and the Overall strength of IIT Roorkee applicants, are also the deciding factors. Candidates can participate in the IIT Roorkee MTech cutoff spot round as their last hope to enrol.

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IIT Roorkee MTech Cutoff 2020 

The IIT Roorkee cutoff for MTech of the previous years’ is provided to understand the cutoff level. The cutoff varies with different departments and specialisations. The below table provides the IIT Roorkee MTech cutoff 2020

Department NameSpecialisationGENOBCSCST
Architecture and PlanningArchitecture1000870630521
Architecture and PlanningUrban and Rural Planning936786724536
Hydro and Renewable EnergyAlternate Hydro Energy Systems698637586382
Hydro and Renewable EnergyEnvironmental Management of Rivers and Lakes686721549385
Chemical EngineeringChemical Engineering664556351452
Civil EngineeringGeotechnical Engineering795732473625
Civil EngineeringHydraulics Engineering797723533
Civil EngineeringStructural Engineering858727483547
Earthquake EngineeringSoil Dynamics723666479
Earthquake EngineeringStructural Dynamics803714475559
Electrical EngineeringElectric Drives and Power Electronics847814517582
Electrical EngineeringInstrumentation and Signal Processing870823513481
Electronics and Communication EngineeringCommunication System865781598405
Electronics and Communication EngineeringMicroelectronics and VLSI934904558405
Computer Science and EngineeringComputer Science and Engineering785686553454
HydrologySurface Water Hydrology732631
HydrologyWatershed Management740629498
Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringThermal Engineering889840579710
Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringProduction and Industrial Systems Engineering880
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringIndustrial Metallurgy628592399
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringMaterials Engineering592541350
Paper TechnologyPackaging Technology519484580
Water Resources Development and ManagementWater Resources Development807738495666
PhysicsSolid State Electronic Materials475454386
Disaster Mitigation and ManagementDisaster Mitigation and Management721715580448
Transportation SystemsInfrastructure Systems732670466456
BiotechnologyBioprocess Engineering521424429
Polymer and Process EngineeringPolymer Science and Engineering687696490

IIT Roorkee MTech Cutoff 2019

Check out the IIT Roorkee MTech Cutoff 2019 given for each Category. The IIT Roorkee MTech cutoff Civil Engineering is also provided in the table.

Alternate Hydro Energy CentreAlternate Hydro Energy Systems767660584644
Alternate Hydro Energy CentreEnv Management of Rivers & Lakes824705520420
Architecture & PlanningArchitecture844785574566
Architecture & PlanningUrban and Rural Planning651572685458
BiotechnologyBioprocess Engineering576650__
Civil EngineeringEnvironmental Engineering656543497648
Civil EngineeringGeomatics Engineering759682591_
Civil EngineeringGeotechnical Engineering763686487630
Civil EngineeringHydraulic Engineering734677685539
Civil EngineeringStructural Engineering775764501617
Civil EngineeringTransportation Engineering760750677624
Chemical EngineeringChemical Engineering655472655387
Computer Science & EngineeringComputer Science & Engineering844761896418
Disaster Mitigation & ManagementDisaster Mitigation & Management704621583_
Electronics and Communication EngineeringCommunication Systems744673529454
Electronics and Communication EngineeringMicroelectronics & VLSI794697607423
Electronics and Communication EngineeringR.F & Microwave Engineering736661513
Electrical EngineeringElectric Drives & Power Electronics779714710630
Electrical EngineeringInstrumentation & Signal Processing765699479493
Electrical EngineeringPower System Engineering772736554475
Electrical EngineeringSystem & Control761732462369
Earthquake EngineeringSeismic Vulnerability & Risk Assess734636560
Earthquake EngineeringSoil Dynamics714634448
Earthquake EngineeringStructural Dynamics721669479522
Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringCAD, CAM & Robotics748739645474
Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringMachine Design Engineering772756545445
Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringProduction & Industrial System Engg783744511364
Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringThermal System Engineering764815514645
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringIndustrial Metallurgy667620443_
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringMaterials Engineering704667__
PhysicsSolid State Electronic Materials598519653
Paper TechnologyPackaging Technology638574
Paper TechnologyPulp & Paper Engineering570836_
Transportation SystemsInfrastructure Systems742741493
Water Resources DevelopmentIrrigation Water Management10001000712434
Water Resources DevelopmentWater Resources Development786693693632

IIT Roorkee MTech Cutoff 2016 

Candidates can look at the IIT Roorkee MTech cutoff 2016 provided below. Read about the cutoffs, such as the IIT Roorkee MTech ECE cutoff.

Civil EngineeringEnvironmental Engineering570566668
Civil EngineeringGeometrical Engineering488611702
Civil EngineeringGeotechnical Engineering613582473570451
Civil EngineeringHydraulic Engineering570573743
Civil EngineeringStructural Engineering670633425759405
Civil EngineeringTransportation Engineering561774498593
Chemical EngineeringComputer-Aided Process Plant Design593437280300
Chemical EngineeringIndustrial Pollution Abatement350402426353400
Computer Science and EngineeringComputer Science and Engineering718685519502526
Electronics and Communication EngineeringCommunication Systems405380399419
Electronics and Communication EngineeringMicroelectronics and VLSI732419419471450
Electronics and Communication EngineeringR.F and Microwave Engineering519410369
Electrical EngineeringElectric Drives and Power Electronics707691639527
Electrical EngineeringInstrumentation and Signal Processing797682
Electrical EngineeringPower System Engineering781619
Electrical EngineeringSystems and Control724637613527
Earthquake EngineeringSeismic Vulnerability and Risk Assessment455433459
Earthquake EngineeringSoil Dynamics388479429
Earthquake EngineeringStructural Dynamics459625364
HydrologyHydrology (Ground Water)747625
HydrologyHydrology (Surface Water)806444
HydrologyHydrology (Watershed Management)433658393
Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringCAD753728589
Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringMachine Design Engineering765675637
Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringProduction and Industrial System Engineering779645617726
Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringThermal System Engineering816669511
Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringWelding Engineering752676595
Metallurgical and MaterialsIndustrial Metallurgy515765
Metallurgical and MaterialsMaterials Engineering494
PhysicsSolid State Electronic Materials420563428
Alternate Hydro Energy CentreAlternate Hydro Energy Systems521385
Alternate Hydro Energy CentreEnvironmental Management of Rivers and Lakes388566352
Architecture and PlanningMaster of Architecture799566690402
Architecture and PlanningMaster of Urban And Rural Planning721566561519
BiotechnologyBioprocess Engineering684457
ChemistryAdvances Methods of Chemical Analysis604634
Disaster Mitigation and ManagementDisaster Mitigation and Management509610477
Paper TechnologyPackaging Technology509551
Paper TechnologyPulp and Paper Engineering551560404
Transportation SystemInfrastructure System373
Water Resource Development and ManagementIrrigation Water Management672521
Water Resource Development and ManagementWater Resources Development742678561

IIT Roorkee MTech cutoff 2015

The following list entails information about the IIT Roorkee MTech cutoff 2015. As the cutoff differs for each department and specialisation, the candidates are advised to go through them.

Chemical EngineeringComputer-Aided Process Plant Design880763685391
Civil EngineeringStructural Engineering766731567417
Civil EngineeringTransportation Engineering717654518546
Computer Science and EngineeringComputer Science and Engineering792746587
Earthquake EngineeringStructural Dynamics692640432
Electrical EngineeringInstrumentation and Signal Processing852778573538
Electronics and Communication EngineeringMicroelectronics and VLSI855813657409
Electronics and Communication EngineeringR.F and Microwave Engineering755669604467
Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringMachine Design Engineering798749638
Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringProduction and Industrial System Engineering551728598
Metallurgical and MaterialsMaterials Engineering582463
PhysicsSolid State Electronic Materials533484355
Alternate Hydro Energy CentreAlternate Hydro Energy Systems432357375357
Architecture and PlanningMaster of Architecture1000916687
Architecture and PlanningMaster of Urban And Rural Planning762786694676
ChemistryAdvances Methods of Chemical Analysis691650491
Disaster Mitigation and ManagementDisaster Mitigation and Management549573539
Paper TechnologyPackaging Technology625747435
Transportation SystemInfrastructure System640608395665
Water Resource Development and ManagementWater Resources Development658653494527

IIT Roorkee MTech Cutoff 2023: FAQs

What is the GATE score required for IIT MTech?

To get admission into IIT for MTech, a candidate should achieve a GATE score between 400-800

How many seats are available at IIT Roorkee for MTech?

A total of 767 seats are available for M.Tech at IIT Roorkee.

How to get a seat at IIT Roorkee for MTech?

Applicants with the required GATE score can participate in the counselling process. They can get a seat if selected in this process.

What is the cutoff of IIT Roorkee?

There is no specific cutoff. It varies with the specification and the category of an applicant.

What is the required rank to get into an IIT for MTech?

A candidate must achieve a rank below 200 to get admission into an IIT for M.Tech.

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