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Since 1949, December 7 has been commemorated nationwide as Indian Armed Forces Flag Day to honor the martyrs and the personnel in the military who bravely fought and still fight to defend the honor of their country on its frontiers. One of any nation’s most valuable resources is its military. They are the nation’s defenders and will stop at nothing to keep its people safe. Soldiers have sacrificed a lot of things in their lives in order to carry out their obligations. These brave heroes who sacrifice their lives in the service of the motherland are forever owed a debt of gratitude by the nation. On this day, people are encouraged to take charge of caring for disabled service members, their families, and the dependents of martyrs who gave their lives in defense of the nation. In exchange for donations, small flags in the colors of the Indian Army, Air Force, and Navy—dark blue, light blue, and red—are dispersed around the nation. To know about, the Indian Armed Forces Flag Day theme 2022, Armed Forces Flag Day history, and significance, read the article below.

Indian Armed Forces Flag Day Theme 2022

The Indian Armed Forces Flag Day theme for 2022 is “Let’s celebrate those who protect the nation’s honour!,” which differs from year to year.

In addition to expressing our respect for the martyrs and living heroes who suffered injuries while performing their duties, we also owe a debt of gratitude to the families of those individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice. Aside from actions taken by the federal and state governments, every citizen of our nation has a responsibility to contribute freely and unreservedly to the provision of financial assistance, care, and support.

History of Indian Armed Forces Flag Day

This yearly custom began on August 28, 1949, when the Indian Defense Minister of the time established a committee to recognise a Flag Day on December 7 of each year. The main purpose of this was to raise money by giving out flags to the public. In addition to the hues of the national flag, the day’s colour scheme is red, light blue, and dark blue, which stand for the Army, Air Force, and Navy of India. To promote public involvement and support the cause, patriotic events are planned across the country.The main goals of the day are to raise money for war victims’ and martyrs’ families’ rehabilitation, for the welfare of serving people and their dependents, and for the welfare and relocation of veterans and their families. 

We adore the way the Indian Military staff supports the cause on the nation’s Flag Day by organising a range of performances, events, and fairs to raise awareness and promote national security. Volunteers raise money during the festivities by selling stickers, coupon flags, and other mementos. There isn’t a more patriotic way to express our unity!

Significance of Indian Armed Forces Flag Day

This day is observed to encourage public engagement and support nationwide for the objectives listed below:

  • To provide relatives of war victims with rehabilitative services.
  • Ensuring the wellbeing of serving people and their families by taking the appropriate action.
  • To assist with the former service personnel’ and their families’ welfare and resettlement.
  • Volunteers and members of the general public in India earn money during the commemoration of this anniversary by selling coupon flags, stickers, and other goods. This helps to increase the amount of money raised from regular people in many different ways.

The management of the fund collection falls within the purview of the regional branches of the Kendriya Sainik Board in India, which is an arm of the Ministry of Defense. It is under the control of the governing committee, and both official and unofficial volunteer organisations monitor it.

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Indian Armed Forces Flag Day – Interesting Facts

  • The first Flag Day Fund was created in 1949 by the Defence Minister’s Committee. However, the Indian Ministry of Defence made the decision to combine the associated welfare funds into a single Armed Forces Flag Day Fund in 1993.
  • On Flag Day, the Indian Air Force, Indian Army, and Indian Navy, the three arms of the Indian Armed Services, put on a variety of cultural events, numerous performances, and other events for the people of India.
  • On Military Forces Flag 2022, little flags in the colors of deep blue, red, and light blue that represent India’s three armed services are given away in exchange for donations.
  • The Indian government has established the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund (AFFDF) in exchange for the donation in order to support the ex-welfare servicemen’s and rehabilitation.
  • There are about 32 lakh ex-servicemen in India, and 60,000 more join the superannuation programme each year.

FAQs on Indian Armed Forces Flag Day Theme 2022

When is Armed Forces Flag Day observed?

The day honouring India’s national flag is often referred to as National Armed Forces Day. Every year on December 7, people commemorate and observe the day.

Why is National Armed Forces Day observed?

On this day, we commemorate and celebrate the courageous and noble members of the armed forces who gave their lives in service to their country.

What is done to celebrate Indian Armed Forces Flag Day?

All three of the Indian armed forces—the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Indian Navy—organize a variety of performances, carnivals, dramas, and other entertainment events on Flag Day to highlight to the public the efforts of their people to maintain national security.

What is Indian Armed Forces Flag Day Fund?

Every year on December 7, India celebrates Armed Forces Flag Day to raise money from citizens around the nation for the welfare of the Indian Armed Forces’ personnel. On December 7th, 1949, it was observed for the first time in India.

How do I donate to the Fund for the Armed Forces Flag Day?

You can donate to the AFFDF by check or demand draught made out to “Armed Forces Flag Day Fund” and payable to “New Delhi, India.”

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