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The Ministry of Culture (MoC) is in charge of the Culture Working Group (CWG), which is shaping the global cultural agenda as part of India’s G20 Presidency. The following four main areas will be the emphasis of the culture track:

1. Cultural property preservation and return

2. Using Living Heritage to Promote Sustainability

3. Supporting the Creative Economy and Cultural and Creative Industries

4. Making Use of Digital Technologies to Promote and Protect Culture

Delegates and representatives from G20 member nations, international organizations, and invited guest nations are scheduled to attend four sessions around India. In addition to the seminars, the CWG will also participate in public involvement, side events, webinars, and public events to help people understand India’s role in shaping culture globally. India’s G20 cultural track quiz creators hope that raising people’s knowledge of the G20 Culture Track will inspire more people to take it.

India’s G20 Culture Track Quiz

Q1. Michael Stern Hart is credited with creating the first electronic book (e-book). In which year was this e-book created?

  •  2015
  •  1998
  •  2008
  •  1971

Answer- 1971

Q2. _____ is an international committee of dedicated individuals who work towards protecting world cultural heritage threats such as armed conflict and natural disasters.

  •  Blue Shield
  •  Green Shield
  •  The Red Cross
  •  CARE International

Answer- Blue Shield

Q3. How can the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage contribute to the achievement of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals?

  •  By promoting economic growth
  •  By fostering social inclusion
  •  By supporting cultural diversity
  •  All of the above


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Q4. Which of the following Indian traditions is the latest addition to UNESCO’s

Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity?

  •  Kumbh Mela
  •  Durga Puja
  •  Chauu Dance
  •  Tradition of Vedic Chanting

Answer-  Durga Puja

Q5. According to UNESCO’s classification, which of the following are part of cultural and

creative industries?

  •  Cultural and Natural Heritage
  •  Performance and Celebration
  •  Visual Arts and Crafts
  •  All of the above

Answer-  Visual Arts and Crafts

Q6. What is the relationship between intangible cultural heritage and biodiversity conservation?

  •  There is no relationship
  •  Intangible cultural heritage is harmful to biodiversity conservation
  •  Intangible cultural heritage can contribute to biodiversity conservation by promoting traditional ecological knowledge
  •  Biodiversity conservation is a part of intangible cultural heritage


Q7. What is traditional knowledge?

  •  Knowledge that an individual is born with
  •  Knowledge that is passed down from generation to generation
  •  Knowledge that is based on scientific research
  •  All of the above

Answer-  Knowledge that is passed down from generation to generation

Q8. In which country was the first World Health Organization Global Centre for Traditional Medicine established in 2022?

  •  India
  •  Germany
  •  UK
  •  USA

Answer- India

Q9. _____ is the second largest source of income among the rural population in India.

  •  Handicraft production
  •  Construction
  •  Agriculture
  •  Dairy farming


Q10. ______ is a unique initiative of the Department of Science & Technology to support digital documentation and interpretation of India’s tangible and intangible heritage.

  •  The Indian Digital Heritage Project
  •  The Indian Digital Culture Database Project
  •  The Indian Culture Technology Database
  •  The Indian Database for Culture

Answer- The Indian Digital Heritage Project

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