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Manthan Quiz Answers: Manthan is a digital platform developed by the Government of India’s Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to promote large-scale collaboration between industry and the scientific research and innovation ecosystem in order to help India meet its national targets and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This platform intends to empower diverse stakeholders to increase contacts with researchers/innovators and assist R&D/innovation, as well as to communicate challenges centered on new technologies, other scientific treatments, and those with a social impact.

The competition’s primary goals are to:

  • Increase understanding of the value of research and innovation for socio-economic growth.
  • Raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals and their importance in bringing about social change among young people, start-ups, incubators, institutions, and industries.
  • Get familiar with India’s newest platform for R&D and utilize numerous breakthroughs and technology.
  • Encourage multi-stakeholder partnerships to transform the field of science and technology

Manthan Quiz Answers

Q1. How many identified Emerging Technologies are there in Manthan?

  •  10
  •  14
  •  17
  •  7


Q2. When was Manthan launched?

  •  1st August 2022
  •  15th August 2022
  •  30th August 2021
  •  21st August 2022

Answer-  15th August 2022

Q3. How many kinds of Opportunities can be launched through Manthan?

  •  Seven
  •  Five
  •  Two
  •  Ten


Q4. What are two different kinds of Success Stories?

  •  Success Stories and Impact Stories
  •  Project Collaboration and Success Stories
  •  Successful Collaboration and Project Outcomes
  •  Success stories and successful collaboration


Q5. What does Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) page entail?

  •  Showcase of Sci-tech Proposals submitted by the researchers.
  •  Showcase of Sci-tech Opportunities by Industries.
  •  All of the above
  •  None of the above


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Q6. What are two kinds of events in Manthan?

  •  FGD and conference
  •  FGD and conference
  •  FGD and virtual auditorium
  •  Virtual Auditorium and Virtual conference


Q7. Problem Solvers/Solution Providers in Manthan can be known as?

  •  Demand Side
  •  Supply Side
  •  Administrator
  •  Moderator


Q8. Who can be considered demand-side users?

  •  Institutes
  •  Industry/Govt/Multistakeholder Organisations
  •  Startups
  •  Researchers


Q9. What is Manthan?

  •  A website developed by O/o PSA with social impact innovations related to Health.
  •  A platform developed by O/o PSA for NGOs to collaborate.
  •  A platform developed by O/o PSA for research and innovations aligned with social impact.
  •  None of the above


Q10. Can users interact with other users on the Manthan Platform?

  •  Yes
  •  Maybe
  •  No
  •  Only once

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