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The King Cup of Champions is a prestigious annual tournament that has been around for years. Every year, the best teams from Saudi Arabia compete for the coveted King Cup title. In this blog article, we will take a look at the king cup of champions winners list and the teams that have been crowned champions throughout its long history.

King Cup of Champions Winners list: 2023 Prediction

Al-Nassr is hoping to win a trophy in 2023, so they are set to face Abha in the quarter-finals of the King Cup in the middle of the week. Unfortunately, they recently suffered a 1-0 defeat to their rivals Al Ittihad which caused them to drop to second place in the Saudi Pro League. Despite this, Cristiano Ronaldo’s team is still in contention for the Pro League title. It is predicted to be a close race between Al Nassr and Al Ittihad, and the two teams may even face each other again in the King Cup. In the earlier part of 2023 Al Ittihad defeated Al Nassr in the semi-finals of the Saudi Super Cup.

King Cup of Champions Winners list: Winners List

Here we will be listing all the champions who have won the King Cup of Champions throughout its history. Read on to find out more about these amazing champions and their accomplishments.

2022Al FayhaSaudi Arabia
2021Al FaisalySaudi Arabia
2020Al HilalSaudi Arabia
2019Al TaawounSaudi Arabia
2018Al IttihadSaudi Arabia
2017Al HilalSaudi Arabia
2016Al Ahli SFCSaudi Arabia
2015Al HilalSaudi Arabia
2014Al ShababSaudi Arabia
2013Al IttihadSaudi Arabia
2012Al Ahli SFCSaudi Arabia
2011Al Ahli SFCSaudi Arabia
2010Al IttihadSaudi Arabia
2009Al ShababSaudi Arabia
2008Al ShababSaudi Arabia
1990Al NassrSaudi Arabia
1989Al HilalSaudi Arabia
1988Al IttihadSaudi Arabia
1987Al NassrSaudi Arabia
1986Al NassrSaudi Arabia
1985Al EttifaqSaudi Arabia
1984Al HilalSaudi Arabia
1983Al Ahli SFCSaudi Arabia
1982Al HilalSaudi Arabia
1981Al NassrSaudi Arabia
1980Al HilalSaudi Arabia
1979Al Ahli SFCSaudi Arabia
1978Al Ahli SFCSaudi Arabia
1977Al Ahli SFCSaudi Arabia
1976Al NassrSaudi Arabia
1974Al NassrSaudi Arabia
1973Al Ahli SFCSaudi Arabia
1971Al Ahli SFCSaudi Arabia
1970Al Ahli SFCSaudi Arabia
1969Al Ahli SFCSaudi Arabia
1968Al EttifaqSaudi Arabia
1967Al IttihadSaudi Arabia
1966Al WehdaSaudi Arabia
1965Al Ahli SFCSaudi Arabia
1964Al HilalSaudi Arabia
1963Al IttihadSaudi Arabia
1962Al Ahli SFCSaudi Arabia
1961Al HilalSaudi Arabia
1960Al IttihadSaudi Arabia
1959Al IttihadSaudi Arabia
1958Al IttihadSaudi Arabia
1957Al WehdaSaudi Arabia

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King Cup of Champions Winners list: Record winners

Here, we will provide an overview of the tournament’s history, with a focus on the records of the King’s Cup of Champions winners and their respective teams. Read on to learn more about the King’s Cup of Champions and its record-breaking winners.


Al Ahli SFC


Al Hilal

Al Ittihad


Al Nassr


Al Shabab


Al Ettifaq

Al Wehda


Al Faisaly

Al Fayha

Al Taawoun

King Cup of Champions Winners list: Prize money

The King Cup is an important annual football tournament in Saudi Arabia, and the reward for the winning team is significant. Although the Saudi Arabian Football Federation has yet to confirm the exact prize money for this year’s tournament, previous data suggests that the champions will be awarded 5.5 million Saudi Riyals and the runners-up will receive 4 million.

King Cup of Champions Winners list: Qualification

The King Cup of Champions is a prestigious football tournament in Saudi Arabia that comes with a grand prize beyond financial rewards; namely, automatic qualification for the AFC Champions League the following season. This qualification is based on the improvement in Saudi Arabia’s coefficient ranking, and even greater qualification is given to the team that not only wins the King Cup, but also the Saudi Pro League title. In the event that the King Cup winner also wins the Pro League, the extra Champions League berth goes to the second-place team in the Pro League table.

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King Cup of Champions Winners list: FAQs

When was the King’s Cup founded?

The Kings Cup was founded in 1957.

Which club has been the most successful in the King Cup?

The most successful club in the King Cup is Al-Ahli (13 titles).

What is a King Cup?

A knockout cup competition, the King Cup, is organized by the Saudi Arabian Football Federation and is known officially as the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques’ Cup. The cup was created in 1957 and was played until 1990. 

Which club won the first title?

It was Al-Fayha who won the first title.

At which club does Cristiano Ronaldo play?

In January, the goal scoring phenomenon moved to Al Nassr.

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