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The students can get ideas for MGR University Nursing Research Topics from the research thesis throughout the previous years. The management of gynaecological disorders is a key component of OBG nursing, which focuses on the care of women throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. The most well-liked MGR University OBG nursing thesis topics will be discussed in this post.

MGR University Nursing Research Topics: Genres of Nursing Research Topics

Given below are the genres based on which the Research Topics for Msc Nursing Students are made:

Maternal Health

A crucial component of OBG nursing is caring for the mother and the newborn. There are various thesis subjects available at MGR University that examine maternal and neonatal health. 

Reproductive Wellness

Another crucial component of OBG nursing is reproductive health. Reproductive health is one of the thesis topics offered by MGR University. 

Gynaecological Oncology

Gynaecological oncology is a stream of OBG nursing focusing on deadly diseases like cancers that impact the female reproductive system and their prevention, detection, and treatment. Gynaecological oncology is one of several thesis topics offered by MGR University. 

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With a focus on the care of women during pregnancy, labour, and the postpartum period, midwifery is a crucial component of OBG nursing. Various thesis subjects examine midwifery offered by MGR University.

Women’s Wellness

Women’s health is a vast field of medicine that includes a variety of characteristics of well-being and health that are unique to women. Women’s health is one of many thesis subjects offered by MGR University.

MGR University Nursing Research Topics: Some topics of published Research Thesis from Previous Years.

The list of the MGR University OBG Nursing Thesis Topics from previous years are given below.

1.Role of acarbose in management of gestational diabetes mellitus
2.Perinatal outcome in term oligohydramnios
3.Comparative efficacy of syntometrine Versus oxytocin in active management of third stage of labour
4.Induction of Labour – Foley’s Catheter Vs Prostaglandin E2 Gel
5.Comparative efficacy of Drotaverine Hydrochloride and Valethamate Bromide on Cervical Dilatation in Active Labour
6.Prevalence of sub clinical hypothyroidism in reproductive age group women with abnormal uterine bleeding
7.Validity of mid trimester serum beta HCG in predicting pre eclampsia in high risk pregnancies
8.Comparative effect of 75 grams glucose challenge test with fasting and post prandial plasma glucose values in the screening of gestational diabetes mellites
9.A Study of obstetric outcome after previous spontaneous abortion
10.Perinatal outcome in meconium stained amniotic fluid
11.Evaluation of second stage partogram in obstetric outcome
12.Evaluation of Vibro Acoustic Stimulation Test as a Predictor of Fetal Outcome in High Risk Pregnancies in Early Labour
13.Comparison of intrapartum cardiotocography with intrapartum fetal scalp blood ph estimation to that of intrapartum fetal cardiotocography
14.Study of perinatal outcome of second of the twin
15.CT Scan findings in eclampsia
16.Asymptomatic bacteriuria – effect of screening and treatment on maternal and fetal outcome
17.Patterns and prevalence of congenital malformations
18.Relationship between periodontitis and preterm labour – Correlation with C reactive protein levels
19.A Comparative study of the endometrium by aspiration and hysteroscopy directed biopsies in abnormal uterine bleeding in perimenopausal women
20.Tumour clearance in advanced ovarian cancer with and without neoadjuvant chemotherapy
21.A Prospective study analysing the diagnostic accuracy of saline infusion sonohysterography in abnormal uterine bleeding
22.A Study of pregnancy outcome in various high risk pregnancies
23.A Study on screening of antenatal women for group B streptococci and the effect of streptococcal colonisation on maternal and fetal outcome
24.Maternal and fetal outcome in obesity complicating pregnancies
25.Emergency obstetric hysterectomy – A retrospective analytical study over past 10 years

MGR University Nursing Research Topics: FAQs

What are a few of the most well-liked nursing research topics that MGR University offers?

Maternal and child health, critical care nursing, community health nursing, psychiatric nursing, nursing education, and nursing leadership are a few of the well-liked nursing research topics provided by MGR University.

At MGR University, how can I select a nursing research topic?

At MGR University, selecting a nursing research topic is based on several variables, including your area of interest, the accessibility of resources and advice, and the most recent developments in nursing research.

At MGR University, can I suggest my nursing research topic?

MGR University welcomes student suggestions for original nursing research questions.

Once I begin working on my nursing research project at MGR University, may I change my topic?

At MGR University, changing your nursing research topic is possible. However, doing so requires first speaking with your advisor or mentor.

Which tools are offered by MGR University for nursing research projects?

A well-stocked library, internet databases, access to research journals, statistical software, and help from knowledgeable mentors and faculty members are just a few of the tools and facilities that MGR University makes available for nursing research projects.

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