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Actors Allison Williams and Riz Ahmed presented the 95th Academy Awards nominations on Tuesday. Oscar Nominations 2023 List India includes All That Breathes and The Elephant Whisperers, each receiving nominations for Best Documentary Feature Film and Best Documentary Short Film, respectively. “Naatu Naatu” from SS Rajamouli’s RRR has received one nomination in the Best Original Song category. There were no additional nominations for RRR.

With 11 nominations, Everything Everywhere All At Once is the most nominated film. The 95th Academy Awards had nine nominations for The Banshees of Inisherin, nine nominations for All Quiet on the Western Front, and eight nominations for Elvis. The Fabelmans, a film by Steven Spielberg, was nominated seven times.

1st Indian Film Nominated For Oscar

Mehroob Khan’s Mother India, a renowned movie from 1957, introduced the world to the potential of Indian cinematography. It says a lot that the 1st Indian Film Nominated For Oscar was the one starring Nargis, Raaj Kumar, Rajendra Kumar, and Sunil Dutt. The tale’s protagonist is a woman named Radha, who is viewed as the village’s “mother”. The movie depicted her struggle to raise her two sons and her struggle to survive while dealing with other looming problems and a nefarious moneylender. It also portrayed Nargis as a role model and the struggle of India’s women and the nation. The film’s title is significant since it refuted American author Katherine Mayo’s misrepresentation of Indian culture in her book Mother India (1927). The aftermath of its 1947 independence serves as the film’s backdrop and suggests a strong sense of nationalism.

Oscar Nominations 2023 RRR

The 2023 Oscar nominations have been announced! The 2023 Oscar nominations have been announced for each category, including best actor male, best actor female, best songwriter, etc. The RRR song “Naatu Naatu” has received a nomination for Best Original Song.

All Indians should feel proud of themselves for SS Rajamouli’s “RRR” being nominated for the 95th Academy Awards. ‘Naatu Naatu’ from the magnum opus received an Oscar nomination in 2023, making it the first Indian song to accomplish this exceptional feat. The film had previously made history by winning the Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Awards.

The “Naatu Naatu” song from “RRR” has been nominated for an Oscar this year in the Best Original Song category. In the award’s history, this is the first Telugu song to receive an Oscar nomination.

The combined efforts of the entire creative team, under the direction of director SS Rajamouli, produced a work that received widespread praise and was later nominated for an Academy Award for best song.

This year’s Academy Awards also had nominations for “Applause” from “Tell it Like a Woman,” “Hold my hand” from “Top Gun: Maverick,” and “Lift me up” from “Black Panther: The Wakanda Forever.” Rahul Sipligunj and Kala Bhairava sing “Naatu Naatu.” Ram Charan and Jr. NTR, who play Alluri Sitarama Raju and Komaram Bheem, respectively, are featured in the song’s visuals. Rahul Sipligunj and Kala Bhairava’s voices, Chandrabose’s lyrics, the thundering music of M.M. Keeravani, and Prem Rakshith’s choreography combined to create a fantastic song that served as the cherry on top.

Oscar Nominations 2023 RRR has not yet received a nomination or been shortlisted for the Best Picture award. RRR, which became a huge hit in India after its release the previous year, is also popular with western audiences. Two real-life Indian revolutionaries, Alluri Sitarama Raju and Komaram Bheem, and their struggle against the British Raj are fictionalised in RRR. The story, which takes place in the 1920s, focuses on the unrecorded period of their life when both revolutionaries choose to live quiet lives before waging war for their nation. With around Rs 1,200 crore in global box office receipts, the film rose to the third-highest position among all Indian films ever.

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New Criteria For Oscar Nomination

Some rules regarding New Criteria For Oscar Nomination are as follows:

  • Films that, in any version, receive their first public exhibition or distribution in any manner other than as a theatrical motion picture release will not be eligible for Academy Awards in any category.  
  • Motion pictures released in such nontheatrical media on or after the first day of their theatrical qualifying run remain eligible. Also, up to fifteen per cent of the running time of a film may be shown in a nontheatrical medium before the film’s qualifying run.
  • Eligibility is contingent on the receipt by the Academy of a completed Oscars Submission Form (General Entry), to be signed by the film’s producer or distributor (unless waived by the Academy). DVDs or DCPs are not accepted in lieu of, or in addition to, the Oscars Submission Form. The Oscars Submission Form is accessible online at the Academy’s Awards Submission site.
  • Credits shall determine eligibility for all awards as they appear on the screen and/or as certified to the Academy by the producing companies. Still, the final determination, in any event, shall be made by the Academy. The Academy shall not be bound by any contract or agreement relating to the sharing or giving of credit and reserves the right to determine credit for purposes of Awards consideration. 
  • In any credit dispute, the Academy reserves the right to declare any achievement ineligible or to reject all claims to credit, list credits as being controversial, and withhold any award until the dispute is resolved. 
  • The alteration of achievement by changing a picture from the version shown in the theatrical qualifying run, upon which eligibility is based, shall subject such achievement to the risk of being declared ineligible by the Board of Governors. 
  • Submissions are essentially recordings of performances originally produced for another medium and are not eligible for Awards consideration. 
  • Motion pictures from all countries shall be eligible for the annual awards listed in Rule One Paragraph 3, as long as they satisfy the requirements of the other applicable rules and contain accurate and legible English-language subtitles if released in a language other than English.

Oscar Nominations 2023 List India: FAQs

What is the name of the first Indian film nominated for the Oscars?

Mother India is the first Indian film nominated for the Oscars.

Which documentary and song is nominated for Oscar Awards 2023 In India?

All That Breathes and The Elephant Whisperers and “Naatu Naatu” from SS Rajamouli’s RRR have received a nomination for the Oscar Awards 2023 In India.

Who has directed Mother India?

Mehroob Khan directed Mother India in 1947.

In which category RRR’s “Naatu Naatu’’ is nominated?

RRR’s “Naatu Naatu’’ is nominated in the category of Best Original Song.

 In which category All That Breathes and The Elephant Whisperers is nominated?

All That Breathes and The Elephant Whisperers is nominated in the category of Best Documentary Short Film. 

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