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It should be known by everyone that bettween 15 and 30 kilometres above the surface of the earth, the ozone layer protects ourselves and other living things from the sun’s harmful UV radiation. Check this post to know more about Ozone Layer Depletion Quiz 2.0 Answers and find the answers of the mygov quiz portal here on this page.

Ozone Layer Depletion Quiz 2.0 Answers – Highlights

Ozone layer depletion refers to the high atmosphere’s ozone layer becoming thinner. That harms the environment and the atmosphere. One of the main issues with the atmosphere and all living things, including the earth’s flora and wildlife, is the destruction of the ozone layer. The majority of UVB radiation from the sun is shielded from the Earth by the ozone layer. Even in the absence of ozone depletion, it is crucial to protect oneself from UVB rays by wearing hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. However, as ozone depletion progresses, these protections will become more crucial. The ecosystem and human health could be seriously impacted by the ozone layer’s thinning.

Conducting BodyIndian Government
Name of the QuizOzone Layer Depletion Quiz 2.0 
Official Websitequiz.mygov.in
Start Date15th June
End Date12th July 
No. of Questions5
Duration of Quiz60 seconds

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Quiz on Ozone Layer Depletion with Answers

Ozone-depleting substance chiefly utilized in 

(I) chimneys

(II) all of the human activities

(III) burning fossil fuels

(IV) cooling and refrigeration applications 

  •  All
  •  Only IV
  •  Only I, II and III
  •  Only I and II

Answer – All

Ozone can be destroyed by which of the given free radical(s)

  •  chlorine radical (Cl)
  •  hydroxyl radicals (OH)
  •  nitric oxide radical (NO)
  •  all of these

Answer – All of these

Good ozone is found in the

  •  stratosphere
  •  ionosphere
  •  troposphere
  •  mesosphere

Answer – Stratosphere

Which of the following kind(s) of oxygen is/are there in cycle of ozone-oxygen 

  •  triatomic oxygen (O3)
  •  diatomic oxygen (O2)
  •  atomic oxygen (O)
  •  all of these

Answer – All of these

UV rays is higher in summer as

  •  in summer, atmosphere contains more ozone 
  •  sun is busy in summer specially
  •  UV rays have a shorter distance to travel and reach us as sun is closer to planet earth 
  •  sun is further to planet earth so UV rays have a longer distance to travel and reach us

Answer – UV rays have a shorter distance to travel and reach us as sun is closer to planet earth 

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Quiz on Ozone Layer Depletion with Answers – Steps to Attempt Quiz

Register Yourself Here – Direct Link to Play Quiz

A participant needs to register before taking the Quiz on ozone layer depletion by simply entering your credentials like email and contact details. Govt employees can log in using the credentials of Parichay website. 

Step 1 – Open quiz.mygov.in

Step 2: Next select option of new user registration.

Step 3: Put in basic details such as your name, email, etc.

Step 4: Press “Create New Account” from the menu displayed on the screen.

Step 5: Now, look out for the “Play Quiz” button on the “Latest Quizzes” tab.

Step 6 – Next, select State from the dropdown box menu on the following page.

Download MyGov Quiz Certificate Here

The Ozone Layer Depletion Quiz 2.0 Answers Test will be accessible for how long?

The General Awareness 2.0 quiz will be accessible until July 12, 2022 till 11:59 PM.

How much time will be set aside for the Ozone Layer Depletion General Awareness 2.0 Test?

There will be a 60 second time limit for the participants to attempt the quiz.

Will the quiz result in a certificate?

Yes. The participants will get an e-certificate.

How can someone take the MyGov quiz?

To participate in the quiz, follow the steps as mentioned above or SMS with PARTICIPATE to 7738299899.

How many times can the participant play the quiz?

The participants can attempt the quiz only once.

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