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The environment on Earth is denoted by all the living as well as the non-living things on this planet. Our environment is home to a variety of living things, including plants, animals, water, and air. Climatic interaction, geomorphic changes, and hydrologic changes all affect our environment. Read this entire post to know more about  Environmental Science Quiz 2.0 Answers and find the answers on this page.

Environmental Science Quiz 2.0 Answers – Highlights

The term “environmental science” refers to a collection of academic fields that share a common interest in the physical, chemical, and biological properties of the environments in which living things exist. The policies of governments all over the world have benefited from the quantitative, theoretical, and applied components of environmental research. Environmental studies, which emphasises how people interact with the environment and its social and political implications, are seen as distinct from environmental science.

Conducting BodyIndian Government
Name of the QuizEnvironmental Science Quiz 2.0 
Official Websitequiz.mygov.in
Start Date15th June
End Date12th July 
No. of Questions5
Duration of Quiz60 seconds

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Quiz on Environmental Science with Answers

What percentage of water is used for agriculture in India?

  •  63%
  •  73%
  •  80%
  •  93%

Answer – 80%

Deforestation is caused by

  •  Over population and shifting of cultivation
  •  The rise fuel demand is another reason
  •  Over grazing and forest fire
  •  All of the above

Answer –  All of the above

Deforestation generally decreases

  •  Rainfall
  •  Drought
  •  Global warming
  •  Soil erosion

Answer –  Rainfall

Which of the following is a fossil fuel?

  •  Tar
  •  Coal
  •  Petroleum
  •  All the above

Answer – All the above

In which year does the Botanical Survey of India (BSI) was established ?

  •  1870
  •  1880
  •  1890
  •  1990

Answer – 1890

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Quiz on Environmental Science with Answers – Steps to Attempt Quiz

Register Yourself Here – Direct Link to Play Quiz

A participant needs to register before taking the Quiz on Environmental Scienceby simply entering your credentials like email and contact details. 

Step 1 – Open quiz.mygov.in

Step 2: Next select option of new user registration.

Step 3: Put in basic details such as your name, email, etc.

Step 4: Press “Create New Account” from the menu displayed on the screen.

Step 5: Now, look out for the “Play Quiz” button on the “Latest Quizzes” tab.

Step 6 – Next, select State from the dropdown box menu on the following page.

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