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Solid waste is any type of trash that is abandoned as undesired and pointless and comes from both human and animal activity. A given area’s industrial, residential, and commercial activities produce solid waste, which can be managed in a number of different ways. The full process of collecting, treating, and disposing of solid wastes is generally referred to as solid waste management. Please go through this post to know more about  Solid Waste Management Quiz 2.0 Answers and find the answers on this page.

Solid Waste Management Quiz 2.0 Answers – Highlights

The full process of gathering, treating, and discarding solid wastes is referred to as “solid waste management.” The trash is gathered from various sources and disposed of during the waste management process. The collection, transportation, treatment, analysis, and disposal of waste are all part of this process. It must be watched after to ensure that tight rules and norms are adhered to. Varied countries have different methods for processing and disposing of waste. Depending on where the solid waste comes from, several procedures are used in India.

Conducting BodyIndian Government
Name of the QuizSolid Waste Management Quiz 2.0 
Official Websitequiz.mygov.in
Start Date15th June
End Date12th July 
No. of Questions5
Duration of Quiz60 seconds

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Quiz on Solid Waste Management with Answers

Which of these methods stands a good way of dealing with the solid waste issue?

  •  Recycling
  •  Landfilling
  •  Both a and b
  •  None of the above

Answer – Both a and b

Plastics are difficult to recycle. Why?

  •  very hard
  •  have different sizes 
  •  very adhesive nature
  •  different kinds of polymer resins

Answer – different kinds of polymer resins

Recycled paper banned for food containers. Why?

  •  Creates a lot of spaces
  •  Due to contamination
  •  paper is used only once
  •  Thickness of paper can’t cover the food containers

Answer – Due to contamination

Which of the following integrated waste is reduced further on an individual base?

  •  Burning
  •  Disposal
  •  Recycling
  •  Source reduction

Answer – Source reduction

Which of these wastes are termed as the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)?

  •  Food wastes
  •  Wood pieces
  •  Plastic cans
  •  All of the above

Answer – All of the above

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