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The Haryana government has released the Patwari Salary In Haryana for 2022. The salaries have been hiked by 20%. This is an excellent move by the government as it will help to attract more people to the Patwari job. The Patwari job is significant and requires a lot of responsibility.

The patwari is a village accountant in India who maintains land records. The position is essential as the patwari’s records are used to determine land ownership and collect taxes. The government sets Patwari Salary In Haryana. In addition to their salary, patwaris also receive allowances for housing, transportation, and other expenses. In this blog post, we will discuss the Haryana Patwari salary for the year 2022. We will also talk about the various allowances and perks to which a patwari is entitled. So if you want to get into this field, or are simply curious about the pay scale, read on!

Patwari Salary In Haryana 2022: Allowances

There are several allowances that a patwari is eligible for in Haryana, which can help to boost their salary significantly. Some of the allowances that may be available include

  • Housing allowance: This allowance is available to help cover the cost of housing for patwaris who are living in government-provided accommodation. The amount of the allowance will vary depending on the location and type of accommodation.
  • Transportation allowance: This allowance can help with the cost of transportation, whether it is for travel to and from work or for other business purposes. The amount of the allowance will depend on the distance travelled and the mode of transportation used.
  • Office expenses allowance: This allowance can help with the cost of office supplies and other expenses related to running a patwari’s office. The amount of the allowance will depend on the level of expenditure incurred.
  • Fieldwork allowance: This allowance is available to patwaris who are required to undertake fieldwork as part of their job. The amount of the allowance will depend on the nature and duration of the fieldwork involved.

Patwari Salary In Haryana 2022: Salary Structure

The main duties and responsibilities of a Patwari include maintaining land records and collecting revenue from landowners. They also play an important role in conducting village meetings and keeping track of development projects in their villages. The latest Patwari Salary structure in Haryana is given below the table.

DetailsCurrent Salary7th pay commission
Pay scaleRs.5,200-20,200Rs. 10,300-34,800
Grade payRs. 2000-3,200

Haryana Patwari Salary In Hand

The In Hand Salary Of Patwari In Haryana is something that many aspirants are curious about. After all, the job of a patwari is an important one and it comes with a lot of responsibility. The average Monthly Salary Of Patwari In Haryana is between Rs. 25,000 to 50,000.

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Patwari Salary In Haryana 2022: Career Growth and Promotion

Patwari is a government job in India. The word “patwari” is derived from the Sanskrit word “pattavar”, which means “owner of the land”. Patwari is responsible for maintaining land records in villages and small towns in India. The Land Patwari Salary In Haryana is around Rs. 20,000 – Rs. 25,000 per month. The salary may vary depending on the district and the number of years of experience.

Promotions and increments are based on seniority and performance. However, promotions are not very frequent. After serving as a patwari for about 20-25 years, one can become a Naib Tehsildar or an Assistant Director in the Land Records Department.

Patwari Salary In Haryana 2022: Probationary Period

In the public sector, the probationary term is the length of time a candidate must serve before becoming an agency permanent employee. Probation lasts an average of two years. The HSSC Patwari candidates would receive all the privileges and benefits of a normal employee after serving the department for two years. The initial 6 months of the 2-year probationary period of which there will be none will be used for training.

Patwari Salary In Haryana 2022:  FAQs

How much does a patwari earn in Haryana?

A patwari in Haryana earns a salary of Rs. 20,000 per month.

What is the job outlook for patwaris in Haryana?

The job outlook for patwaris in Haryana is good as the government is planning to increase the salaries of patwaris by 10% in the next financial year.

What are the career prospects for a patwari in Haryana?

A patwari can expect to have a long and successful career in Haryana as there is a lot of scope for growth and promotion in this field.

What are the benefits of being a patwari in Haryana?

Patwaris in Haryana enjoy many benefits such as free housing, medical facilities, and pension benefits. They also get paid leave and other perks as per government rules.

What are the challenges faced by a patwari in Haryana?

The main challenge faced by a patwari in Haryana is dealing with red-tapism and bureaucracy.

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