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Last updated on November 26th, 2022 at 12:28 am

RSMSSB Patwari Recruitment 2022: RSMSSB holds a state-level recruitment exam to fill vacancies in the Rajasthan Government for the position of Patwari. This test provides eager individuals with the option to work with the Rajasthan Government at various levels. To apply for the RSMSSB Patwari Recruitment 2022, aspirants must have a bachelor’s degree. Candidates who have been waiting for Rajasthan Patwari openings should start preparing for the exam as soon as possible and keep checking this website for the most recent updates. Candidates interested in taking this test should be aware of the Rajasthan Patwari Salary. Rajasthan Patwari Compensation, as announced by RSMSB, must be known to all candidates; successful candidates receive a nice sum of in-hand salary and other perks. Because of the obligations and duties involved with the office, applicants for Rajasthan Patwari must be responsible and devoted. Read on to learn everything there is to know about Rajasthan Patwari Salary, Allowances, Perks, Job Profile, Career Growth, and more.

Patwari Salary In Rajasthan: Salary Structure

Candidates appointed for the office of Rajasthan Patwari must serve a two-year probation term and a six-month training period during which they are given a set wage of Rs. 24,300.

Rajasthan Patwari salaries are determined After 7th Pay Commission, with a pay scale of 5 on the pay matrix. Rajasthan Patwari is paid a base wage of Rs. 20,800. In addition, different perks are included, bringing the Rajasthan Patwari Salary to Rs. 26,400.

The detailed structure of Patwari Salary in Rajasthan is mentioned below in the tabular form: 

Pay GradeRs 24,000
BasicRs 20,800
Dearness AllowanceRs 2496
HRARs 1664
Hard Duty AllowanceRs 1500
SalaryRs 26,400
NPSRs 2080
Rajasthan Patwari In hand SalaryRs 24,380

Patwari Salary In Rajasthan During Probation Period

During the two-year probationary term, a set monthly compensation of Rs. 14600 is paid without any allowances (DA, HRA, CCA, Special Pay, etc.). However, leave and other benefits are to be granted in accordance with Rajasthan service laws.

Salary Of Patwari In Rajasthan After Probation Period

Total pay is the total of Basic Pay and any allowances awarded by the department, such as Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), and Other Allowances (CCA, TA, Special Pay, and so on).

Patwari Salary In Rajasthan: Benefits and Allowances

When you are nominated and confirmed as a Patwari in a state government, you will get all of the perks that are available to government workers in pay band 1. The basic allowances are as follows:

  • Dearness Allowance: The Patwari receives 113% of his or her base income as Dearness Allowance. This varies depending on where you are stationed.
  • Allowances for house rent: Patwaris are given HRA or House Rent Allowances. Patwari is not qualified to dwell in the Govt Quarters or premises. As a result, they receive HRA every month.
  • Patwari receives medical payments for the care of employees and dependents such as spouses or parents.
  • Pension: As part of the pay band 1 offer, Patwari receives a pension as well as other perks such as medical and DA.

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Patwari Salary In Rajasthan: Job Profile

If you’re wondering what a Patwari’s job entails, you need the first grasp of what a Patwari is. Patwari is the title given to a village accountant who reports to a Tehsildar. You should be familiar with Patwari’s Key Responsibility Areas.

A Patwari’s job responsibilities are as follows:

  • Working in the Tehsil under the supervision of the Tehsildar.
  • Taking care of ten or more communities.
  • Meeting the farmers of communities directly.
  • Collecting agricultural land tax on behalf of the state government from farmers.
  • Assisting farmers in resolving a land dispute.
  • Measuring agricultural land at a farmer’s request.
  • Because land data is being saved in computers in many states, he/she is responsible for collecting agricultural land data and putting it into servers/computers in these provinces.
  • Prepare a record of the impacted area within his/her control and send it to the Tehsildar in the event of a hailstorm or flood.
  • The state government distributes compensation to villages depending on the loss report obtained from the Patwari (due to hail storms or flooding).

Patwari Salary In Rajasthan: FAQs

What is the Rajasthan Patwari probation period and what is the Patwari Salary in Rajasthan the Probation Period?

Rajasthan Patwari has a two-year probation term with a monthly salary of Rs 14,600.

What is the In-Hand Salary of Patwari In Rajasthan?

The starting Salary of Patwari In Rajasthan is Rs. 24,380.

What is the duration of the Rajasthan Patwari training?

Rajasthan Patwari training lasts for six months.

What is the Basic Pay for a Rajasthan Patwari?

The Basic Pay for a Rajasthan Patwari is Rs. 20,800.

What are the various allowances available to Rajasthan Patwari?

Rajasthan Patwari is entitled to the following allowances: Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Medical Allowance, Pension, and so forth.

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