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SRM University Hostel Food Menu: When students choose to reside in college or university dorms, one of the most crucial considerations is the quality of life. By quality, we don’t simply mean the individual rooms but also the campus as a whole. Healthy and opulent meal alternatives are served to students staying in SRM hostels at steep discounts. In the nearby dining halls, they can pick between a North Indian or South Indian menu. The dormitories also feature multi-cuisine eating facilities with Thai, Chinese, and continental food for the advantage of our foreign students. 

All of SRM’s students have access to a welcoming and secure living environment. The playground, gym, and various indoor gaming areas are all encouraged for usage by the students living on campus.

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SRM University Hostel food menu

Every dormitory in SRMIST has access to a special mess facility, which is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a clean and safe setting.

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BreakfastVeg- Only = Milk, Tea, Coffey, Bread Jam – Unlimited, Banana ( Your Luck if you get in morning ) with Roti /Chapati with keep changing Sabji for each day , apart from this on Sunday you get Chaole – Bhatura and Uthpam.
LunchRice, Chapati (Some day poori), Daal, Sabji, Buttermilk ( Limited / but you can take as much as you can , only in initial days they will stop you), Pickle, Some Freid item( Fingers like thing ).On Sunday Morning you will get option to choose in Chicken and Panner in sabji.
Evening snack( Same for Everyone) : Tea, coffee,Bread – Jam( All three Unlimited) , with some item keep changing every day.
DinnerDaal, Rice, chapathi, Sabji, Milk and Banana ( Limited ),Freid item( Fingers like thing ).On Wednesday night you will get option to choose in Chicken and Panner.
Special DayEvery Friday, you can choose between French fries or egg curry with your Aloo-Paratha special item.You can order both chicken and vegetable biryani on the final Wednesday of the month.

SRM University Hostel food menu- Mess rules

  • Once a student checks into the hostel, he or she is considered to be a member of the mess until they formally check out.
  • There can be no mess changes.
  • The management is in charge of the mess.
  • On the notice board, the menu will be visible. Depending on the mess committee’s decision, changes may be made.
  • In the dining room, strict rules should be maintained.
  • Day students won’t be welcomed as visitors in the mess
  • Inmates are allowed to host their parents as visitors if they notify the hostel staff in advance. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the guest charge is Rs. 50, Rs. 80, and Rs. The cost is Rs. 100/- for a special lunch or dinner.
  • No food will be served in rooms, and inmates are not permitted to bring food inside their rooms. The deputy warden will ensure suitable provisions if an inmate is ill.
  • The inmates are not allowed to enter the kitchen.
  • Food wastage is prohibited. No one at a meal shall waste food. The right to waste food does not come with paying the mess bill. Any student who is discovered throwing away food will be fined Rs. 500 the first time. If the same student is discovered doing the same error again, they will be kicked out of the dorm.
  • To eat in the mess each time, every diner must present an ID card and a Mess card.
  • The amount of food will be limitless, with the exception of special goods.
  • A punishment of Rs. 2000 shall be assessed against unauthorised visitors and non-hostellers who are discovered in the dining room without receipts of payment.

SRM University Hostel food menu – Canteens

  • Royal cafe

Location : Adjacent to the Indian Bank

Timing : 7.30 to 4.30

Most of the teaching members and students enjoy eating at a modest air-conditioned restaurant.

  • Fast food

Location : Near Royal cafe

Timing : 7.30 to 4.30

The student gathering near this store is a sight that is hard to miss on the university’s main campus.

  • VPT canteen

Location : Near Valliammai Engineering College Main gate

Timing : 7.30 to 4.30

The canteen is frequently occupied all day due to its proximity to the entrance.

  • University canteen

Location : Near Gate 4(the entrance of the main campus)

Timing : 7.30 to 4.30

The faculty and students are drawn in by the canteen’s alluring aroma of great meals.

  • SRM canteen

Location : Ground Floor of the Techpark building

Timing : 7.30 AM to 7.30 PM

This canteen has a capacity of approximately 650 students and uses two pay registers to handle the crowd.

  • Food Court

Location : F Block of the SRM Hospital

Timing : 7.30 to 4.30

  • SRM snappy Bar

Location : Near Royal cafe

Timing : 7.30 to 4.30

This tiny shop sells coffee, drinks, ice cream, cookies, chocolates, cool drinks, and other items.

  • SRM G.H Cafe

Location : Opposite Labour ward in the SRM Hospital

Timing : 7.30 to 4.30

  • Hostel Cool Bar

Location : Near the Oori Hostel block

Timing : 8.30 to 9.00

  • CRRI canteen

Location : Fourth floor of the Medical College

Timing : 7.30 to 8.30

Only final-year MBA students are permitted access to the canteen.

  • SRM Dental College Canteen

Location : Ground floor of the Dental College

Timing : 7.30 AM to 4.30 AM

  • Despite being virtually at the end of the campus, this canteen has the same menu as the others. They offer poori, pongal, idli, samosa, puff, and vada in the morning. The majority of dental patients like to have refreshing drinks after receiving treatment, according to Selvi, who oversees the cafeteria.
  • The canteen also offers a selection of chapathi and paratha Rs.22, as well as restricted dinners for Rs. 28. The students can purchase ice cream, cold beverages, and chocolates from here.
  • SRM Medical College Canteen

Location : Adjacent to the SRM Medical College

Timing : 24 Hours

The canteen of SRM Medical College is open around-the-clock to serve the requirements of both patients and doctors at all odd hours. To satisfy their appetites, students from the colleges of physiotherapy, nursing, and engineering visit the canteen. Even after midnight, steaming noodles and fried rice are still available. The medical college’s doctors and patients both use this facility around-the-clock. This canteen performed a good job of drawing customers because it is situated in a peaceful, natural setting.

FAQs on SRM University Hostel food menu

What is SRM University renowned for?

India’s top multiple stream university is SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University) (Engineering & Medicine) SRM Engineering joined the league of IITs and NITs by being ranked as India’s No. 1 Private Engineering University and in the Top 8 in India, including the aided colleges.

Has SRM University got a dorm?

To ensure a comfortable stay and the greatest study environment, the SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University) offer a variety of options for hostel room types to suit any budget.

Is there WiFi at the SRM hostel?

Every student has access to free Wi-Fi for academic purposes, with monthly high speeds of 30 MB and subsequently unlimited standard speeds.

Does SRM university have mess facility?

Every dormitory in SRMIST has access to a special mess facility, which is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a clean and safe setting.

Do they have any special food item apart from regular mess food?

Every Friday, you can choose between French fries or egg curry with your Aloo-Paratha special item.

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