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International Day aims to educate the public on issues of concern, address global issues, and celebrate and affirm human achievements. Each International Day provides an opportunity for communities to organize activities related to the topic and to raise public awareness about it. Organizations, governments, public and private sectors, schools, universities and citizens celebrate This is the starting point for awareness-raising activities. Observance of Marine Day aims to raise awareness of ensuring maritime safety and emphasize maritime safety and the protection of the marine environment. Attempt the quiz and check your answers for the World Maritime Day Quiz. 

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World Maritime Day Quiz – Attempt the Quiz

  1. Who is the Secretary General of the IMO?

A) Koji Sekimizu

B) Kitack Lim

C) Efthimios E Mitropoulos

D) William O’Neil

2. IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim was previously president of a central port authority of which republic?

A) Tianjin (China)

B) Antwerp (Belgium)

C) Busan (Republic of Korea)

D) Singapore

3. You are travelling from Shanghai to Hamburg on a container ship. Approximately how many nights will it take before you can play a game of billiards?

A) 10-20 nights

B) 25-50 nights

C) 75-100 nights

D) 30-40 nights

4. Which is the world’s busiest container port?

A) Singapore

B) Shanghai

C) Shenzhen

D) Hamburg

5. Which icy port is in Canada?

A) Seattle 

B) Oslo 

C) Montreal 

6. Which international agreement regulates seafarers’ working and resting hours?

A) Maritime Labour Convention (MLC)

B) International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW)

C) both

7. Which of the following ports is located in brazil?

A) Long Beach 

B) Jeddah 

C) Port of Santos

8. What are the key IMO conventions that support the free flow of maritime traffic in and out of ports?

A) The Free-flow Convention

B) The Wreck Removal Convention

C) The Facilitation Convention

9. With today’s giant containers up to 400 meters long, how many crew members are typically on board to operate the containers?

A) 100+

B) 50-100

C) 13-30

D) 0-10

 10. When is World Maritime day observed?

A) First Thursday of August

B) Last Thursday of September

C) First Sunday of April

D) Last Sunday of May

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International Maritime Organisation

IMO, the International Maritime Organization is the specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for maritime safety and security and the prevention of marine and air pollution from ships. IMO aims to promote safety and security through environmentally sound and sustainable transportation. The shipping industry, with the support of the IMO regulatory framework, has begun this transition to a sustainable future. IMO has adopted measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce sulfur content in fuel oil on ships, implement the Ballast Water Management Convention, protect the polar regions, reduce marine litter, improve shipping efficiency through electronic information exchange, respecting the challenges of shipping digitization, and increasing the participation of women in the maritime community.

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World Maritime Day – 2022 Theme

Theme 2020: Sustainable transportation for a sustainable planet – The theme will provide leaders from different sectors, including shipping, an opportunity to reflect on both the work done and the urgent steps they plan to pursue towards it. a sustainable future.

The theme of World Maritime Day 2019 is Empowering Women in the Maritime Community – The theme aims to raise awareness about the importance of gender equality. Another goal of this theme is to highlight the contribution of women in the maritime sector.

In 2018, the theme of World Maritime Day was “IMO 70: Our Legacy – Better Shipping for a Better Future”

In 2017, the theme of World Maritime Day is “Connecting Ships, Ports and People” – The theme was chosen to provide an opportunity to focus on the diverse actors involved in the transportation and logistics sectors. 

The theme of 2016 is “Maritime traffic: indispensable for the world” – The theme was chosen to emphasize the essential link between shipping and global society and to raise awareness of the relevance of IMO’s role as the global regulator for international shipping.

The theme of World Maritime Day 2015 – “Maritime Education and Training”.

World Maritime Day 2014 theme is “IMO Conventions and Effective Implementation”.

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