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Depending on the pay tier and grade level of employment, the assistant loco pilot salary at the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) in India varies. The beginning wage for an ALP falls between Rs. 19,900 to Rs. 35,000 per month, as per the 7th Central Wage Commission (CPC) pay scale. This sum might change based on the location of the posting and other allowances. 

  • ALP/Technicians have a broad and varied range of responsibilities.
  • A technical or professional pilot receives a defined salary in addition to numerous other benefits.
  • The wage taps at a spectacular quantity and is subject to a raise with each promotion cycle.
  • The candidates would receive a monthly salary of Rs 19,900. The compensation dramatically rises after basic allowances are finished.

 For more details on the work description and wage structure for ALPs, read the article right away.

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Assistant Loco Pilot Salary

Candidates must be fully aware of the pay scale for the positions of assistant loco pilot and technician before submitting their applications. The starting salary for an RRB Loco pilot is Rs. 19,900. According to the second level of the seventh pay matrix, this is the case. They are also given additional allowances.

RRB ALP Salary Structure 2023
Grade Pay1900/-
Pay Scale19,900/-
Assistant Loco Pilot Salary35,000/- (Approx)

Assistant Loco Pilot Salary 2023: Post-wise

Candidates need to be aware of the salaries for the various RRB ALP positions before taking the exam. Knowing the compensation details also enables an applicant to assess whether the position is a good fit. Making sure you select the job that is perfect for you requires careful consideration of the compensation information. Below are details on salaries by post:

RRB Assistant Loco Pilot Salary 2023: Post-wise
Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP)Rs 25, 000 to Rs 35, 000/-
Loco Pilot (Mail)Rs 60, 000 to Rs 78, 000/-
Loco Pilot (Goods)Rs 40, 000 to Rs 56, 000/-
Loco Pilot Passenger (Passenger)Rs 50, 000 to Rs 66, 000/-
Shunting Loco PilotRs 28, 000 to Rs 38, 000/-
Loco Pilot (High Speed)Rs 77, 000 to Rs 88, 000/-
Senior Section EngineerRs 17, 140/-
Traffic ApprenticeRs 13, 500/-
Technician Grade 2Rs 9910/-
Technician Grade 3Rs 7730/-

Assistant Loco Pilot in Hand Salary

As previously stated, the candidates receive a salary of Rs. 19,900. Along with it, they receive other benefits like travel and dearness allowances. The base pay is given to them each month. The officers’ monthly take-home pay is made up of their basic pay and all other allowances. For RRB ALP candidates, the starting monthly take-home pay is Rs. 35,000/-.

Assistant Loco Pilot- Perks and Benefits 

Candidates will receive a number of advantages and privileges if they are hired as technicians and assistant locomotive pilots by the RRB. The advantages and rewards that they receive are as follows:

  • Dearness allowance
  • Running allowance
  • Transport allowance
  • House Rent allowance
  • New Pension scheme
  • Deduction of 10% from the salary for New Pension Scheme
  • Free medical facility to the staff and their dependents will be provided at railway and empanelled hospitals 
  • Free railway tickets will be provided to the family members on particular routes
  • Home city and all India travel allowances
  • Gratuity
  • 30 days earned leave
  • 12 days casual Leave
  • Half pay leave or medical leave of 30 days

Loco Pilot Salary Structure

A loco pilot’s compensation package comprises base pay, bonuses, and additional benefits. The table below shows a loco pilot’s pay scale.

ALP salaryPay in INR
Pay scale20,500
Dearness Allowances1,066
House rent allowances2,132
Transport allowances936
Night duty allowances2,012
AR-T/ AL-C36
Net deductions3,032
Net Salary37,714

Assistant Loco Pilot Growth and Promotion 

The officers will be qualified for various advancements and promotions over the course of their service. Gradually, the assistant loco pilots will advance to Senior loco pilot, then to loco pilot, and lastly to loco supervisor.

  • Senior Assistant Loco pilot
  • Loco Pilots
  • Loco Supervisors
  • Loco Supervisors

FAQs on Assistant Loco Pilot Salary

How much does an assistant loco pilot make?

The assistant loco pilot’s base pay is Rs. 19,900.

Does the ALP receive any allowances?

Yes, ALP offers a variety of benefits including lodging, travel discounts, and dearness allowances.

How much does an ALP make after five years?

49,276 monthly. The highest monthly in-hand salary an ALP can receive is roughly Rs. 139932. After five years of employment, the income for loco pilots is higher than the beginning salary, and they are also qualified for promotions.

What is the in-hand salary for ALP?

There is no indication of the monthly in-hand salary ranges. Other allowances will be applied to the base salary of INR 19,900.

What is a loco pilot’s net wage after the seventh pay?

After the seventh pay, a loco pilot’s net monthly average pay in India ranges from 29,000 to 72,000 rupees.

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