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The State Bank of India (SBI) was established on July 1, 1955, as a global, public sector financial institution with headquarters in Mumbai, India. SBI is not only the largest public sector bank and financial services provider in India, but it is also a government-owned corporation with US$30 billion in assets. State Bank of India pays its workers a generous compensation that includes a variety of benefits and allowances. So, in this post, we have supplied the whole SBI Manager Salary , as well as other information. If one were to become an SBI manager, then the average base income of an SBI Manager would be INR 11,60,785 per annum. Aside from it, monetary and non-monetary incentives are offered. Keep reading the article to get  the complete guide of SBI bank manager salary.

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Salary structure of SBI bank manager

The compensation of an SBI branch manager is likely to rise or fall depending on the branch and its needs. The management is supposed to be paid more than their employees because of their responsibilities and qualifications.

A Chief Manager will earn an annual salary of INR 12.8 LPA on average. Keep in mind that an SBI manager reports to the Chief Manager.

The following is a breakdown of an SBI manager’s average annual salary:

Type of PaySalary Amount (In INR)
Base Pay11,60,785
Additional Pay1,16,968
Cash Bonus via Extra Income96,010
Commission Sharing via Additional Pay62,460
Yearly Salary9,65,209

SBI Bank Manager Salary: Perks & Allowances

SBI Managers are eligible for various perks and allowances in addition to their salary, as determined by the rules from time to time. Perks and allowances for SBI Managers are shown below.

  • Dearness allowance
  • House rent allowance
  • City compensatory allowance
  • Contributory Pension Fund
  • PF
  • Medical Facility
  • LFC
  • Transport allowance
  • Other perquisites etc.(as per rules in force from time to time)

Other Incentives for an SBI Manager

Aside from the monthly income of the SBI Manager, they are given numerous incentives ranging from gas allowances to phone expenses. 

Some of the benefits that an SBI manager can receive are as follows:

  • Petrol allowance ranging from 50 liters to 100 liters.
  • Leased accommodation rent provided.
  • Furniture worth up to INR 1 lakh purchasable.
  • An annual incentive of INR 20,000 if performance is as per the performance grading structure.
  • Reimbursement of telephone bills.
  • Purchase of a briefcase.
  • Purchase of a mobile phone.
  • Maid or cleaning services.
  • A contributory provident fund worth INR 1,641.
  • 100% self-treatment or cashless medical treatment reimbursements at partnered hospitals.

Factors Affecting an SBI Bank Manager Salary

Mr Rajnish Kumar is the current chairperson of SBI, and the managing directors include Praveen Kumar Gupta, Arijit Basu, and Dinesh Kumar Khara. The bank meets the demands of both the central and state governments. It accepts funds, deposits them on behalf of the government, and makes loans and advances.

The remuneration of an SBI manager is affected by a number of factors. Some of these are as follows:

  • Salary is affected by location. For example, the remuneration of an SBI manager in Agra (Dayal Bagh) may differ from that of an SBI management in Delhi (Kashmiri Gate).
  • The manager’s remuneration is affected by the bank’s net profit.
  • Provisions have a significant impact on the salary obtained by both the manager and the chief manager.
  • The Net Interest Income, or NII, determines whether the manager’s remuneration rises or falls.
  • The incentives available at each branch influence the income of that branch’s manager.

Salary of a Bank Manager: Company Wise 

India is home to a number of prestigious banks in both the public and private sectors. The average compensation of a Bank Manager on the basis of the banks that they are working in is provided below for your reference.

Name of the CompanyAverage Annual Salary (INR)
State Bank of India10.93 L
Punjab National Bank8.62 L
Yes Bank8.06 L
ICICI Bank8.52 L
UBS Bank13.42 L
Deutsche Bank10.62 L
Federal Bank7.56 L
Canara Bank7.20 L

SBI Manager Salary: Career Growth

Managers at the State Bank of India have numerous opportunities to advance through internal interviews and promotional exams, which are held on a regular basis. SBI provides its workers with excellent opportunities for advancement. Candidates have good career opportunities as SBI Managers aside from the compensation.

FAQs on SBI Bank Manager Salary

What is the SBI Manager Salary Basic Pay?

SBI Manager Salary 2022’s base pay is Rs. 63840/-.

What benefits and compensation are provided to SBI Managers?

The aforementioned article details the benefits and compensation that SBI managers receive.

What is the SBI bank manager’s highest annual salary?

The annual compensation for a State Bank of India Branch Manager is 10,68,532. At State Bank of India, branch manager salaries can range from 3,23,089 to 20,32,129 annually.

What does a Manager make overall at SBI?

For experience ranging from 5 to 15 years, the average State Bank of India Manager pay in India is 18.5 Lakhs. Between 1.3 and 40.0 lakhs are the compensation ranges for managers at State Bank of India in India. It exceeds the typical Manager Salary in Banking Companies by 62%, based on our estimations.

Is the position of SBI Manager a government position?

This is due to the government of India owning 57.6% of SBI bank. As a result, the SBI is classified as a public-sector bank, and its staff are classified as government workers.

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