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The role of goods guard in the Indian Railways is critical in ensuring the smooth and safe transportation of goods across the country. Aspiring candidates who wish to join this field must have a clear understanding of the salary structure and career growth prospects. In this article, we will explore the salary structure of the goods guard in detail, including the various allowances and perks, promotion opportunities, and factors affecting the salary. 

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Goods Guard Salary Structure

The central government always gives its employees a higher wage. The grade pay for good guards in the service ranges from 11,360/- to 20,600/- per month. The goods guard’s duty period is not specified. They get paid based on their work. The pay scale is as follows:

Grade Pay2800
Pay Scale5,200/- to 20,200/-
Initial Pay8560
Total Pay (1)+(2)11,760/-

Railway Good Guard Salary as per 7th Pay Commission

The overall in-hand wage for the Railway goods guard will be around Rs.46,212, including the 7th pay commission allowances. You will be required to complete 45 days of training at the relevant zonal training institutes.

1.Basic PayRs. 29,200
2.Grade PayRs. 2800
3.DA ( Currently 34% Of Basic Pay)4964/- 9860/-
4.Travel Allowance ( Fixed Currently)Rs. 2016
5.HRA ( Varies according to Place –  Minimum 8 % of basic )Rs. 2336
Total Pay (I) + (II) + (III) + (IV) + (V)Rs. 46,212

Goods Guard Benefits and Allowances


  • Kilometer Allowance (KMA): Amount paid based on the number of kms driven. The current fare per 100 km is Rs 188.75.
  • *Allowance In Lieu of Kilometer (ALK): Compensation for non-running responsibilities. Currently compensated at a rate of 160 kilometers per day for outstation duties and 30% of basic pay for headquarters duties. 
  • They also receive Accident Allowance, Officiating Allowance, and OutStation (Detention Allowances).


Along with other allowances, they also get some very nice running staff allowances. The full list of benefits and other features is as follows:

  • Residence: A well-maintained Railways Quarter (with gated colonies and societies) is supplied to all railway employees, including Goods Guard. They receive the necessary amenities and security. These are found in the most upscale areas of communities.
  • Medical Services: The first-rate hospitals operated by the railways offer extensive medical care to goods guards and their families.
  • Facilities for travel: Goods Guards and their families are given a 2nd class “A” Pass. The pass is valid for travel on any AC-3 Tier train in India, with the exception of the RAJDHANI EXPRESS, DURONTO EXPRESS, SHATABDI EXPRESS, and select special trains.

Goods Guard Salary Structure: Promotions and Career Growth

Promotions and career growth opportunities are important factors that attract candidates to the role of goods guard in the Indian Railways. The Indian Railways provides ample opportunities for career growth and promotions for goods guards.

A goods guard typically starts at the entry-level position and can gradually progress to higher positions through promotions based on their performance and experience. The career progression path for goods guards is as follows:

  • Goods Guard (Entry-level position)
  • Senior Goods Guard
  • Chief Goods Guard
  • Assistant Yard Master
  • Yard Master

Promotions are typically accompanied by a rise in pay and perks. Additionally, the Indian Railways also conduct departmental exams for goods guards, which provide them with an opportunity to move to higher-level positions and further enhance their career growth.

Moreover, there are opportunities for goods guards to specialize in a particular area, such as safety, traffic control, or operations, which can further improve their career prospects. With experience and specialization, goods guards can also move to other departments within Indian Railways, such as commercial and finance.

Overall, the Indian Railways provides excellent career growth and promotion opportunities for goods guards, making it a lucrative career option for candidates.

FAQs on Goods Guard Salary

What is the starting salary of a Goods Guard in Indian Railways?

The starting salary of a Goods Guard in Indian Railways is around Rs. 29,000 per month, which includes basic pay, grade pay, and other allowances.

What are the allowances provided to Goods Guards in Indian Railways?

Goods Guards in Indian Railways are provided with various allowances such as Dearness Allowance, Transport Allowance, House Rent Allowance, and Night Duty Allowance.

What is the career growth path for a Goods Guard in Indian Railways?

The career growth path for a Goods Guard in Indian Railways is as follows: Goods Guard, Senior Goods Guard, Chief Goods Guard, Assistant Yard Master, and Yard Master.

What exactly does a goods guard do?

A goods guard is regarded as the train’s guardian, operating from a special waggon located at the train’s rear. One of the most important responsibilities of the goods guard is to guarantee that both the products and the train arrive safely at their destination.

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