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In India, the job of an Air Hostess falls under various categories such as flight attendant, senior air hostess, ground attendant, or cabin crew. At the beginning of their career, candidates can expect an IndiGo Air Hostess Salary of approximately 4 to 8 LPA. The salary of an Air Hostess in India depends on many things, including her experience and the airline she is working for. Women are the majority in this profession, making up 82 percent of the workforce compared to men who make up only 18 percent. Further, the salary of an Air Hostess in India varies based on their experience.

IndiGo Air Hostess Salary Components

The IndiGo Air Hostess Salary Components are listed below:

Salary ComponentAmount (INR)
Basic Salary25,000
Flying Allowance15,000
Meal Allowance2,000
Uniform Allowance1,500
Total Monthly Salary53,500

Factors Determining Air Hostess Salary

The salary figures listed above for different Indian airlines are based on averages and can change based on the airline and the candidate’s level of experience. In fact, there are some key factors upon which the salary of an air hostess depends. These are:

  1. Type of Airline

Flight attendants have the option to work on either domestic or international flights. The latter usually provides a better pay package than the former due to the higher level of efficiency and experience required for serving passengers on international flights. The cabin crew for international flights typically have to put in more effort and spend more time away from home than those on domestic flights. Thus, international flight attendants receive a better salary compared to their domestic counterparts.

  1. Airways Company

In the Indian aviation industry, flight attendants’ salaries can differ depending on the airline and their role. For example, Air India pays its employees approximately 40K INR monthly, while AirAsia’s flight attendants earn around 28K INR per month.

  1. LCCs and FSCs

There are two types of airline services offered: Full-Service Carriers (FSC) and Low-Cost Carriers (LCC). LCC services are typically inexpensive, with only complimentary water provided during the flight. Passengers must pay for any additional meals or beverages onboard, which can be costly. In contrast, FSC flights are more expensive but offer passengers more amenities, including complimentary meals and beverages. As a result, the cabin crew on FSC flights tend to earn higher salaries than those on LCCs.

  1. Work Experience

Similar to other professions, the aviation industry determines the salaries of cabin crew based on their experience. A newcomer would typically start as an intern and have to complete an internship before being offered a full-time position. The salary package during the training phase may not be very attractive. However, once the flight attendant completes their first year of work, their salary will typically increase. Experienced attendants will receive a higher package salary when joining a new company.

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IndiGo Air Hostess Salary: FAQs

What is the salary of an IndiGo air hostess?

The salary of an IndiGo air hostess ranges from 4 to 8 LPA.

What is the average salary of an IndiGo Air hostess in India?

The average salary of an IndiGo Air hostess in India can vary depending on factors such as experience, seniority, and company policies. However, a rough estimate suggests that the average salary ranges from INR 25,000 to INR 45,000 per month.

Do IndiGo Air hostesses receive any additional benefits apart from their salary?

Yes, apart from the salary, IndiGo Air hostesses may receive additional benefits such as flying allowances, incentives, meal allowances, and uniform allowances. These allowances can contribute to their overall compensation package.

How are the incentives for IndiGo Air hostesses calculated?

The calculation of incentives for IndiGo Air hostesses is typically based on various performance metrics, such as customer satisfaction ratings, on-time performance, and sales performance. The exact formula for calculating incentives may vary based on company policies.

Are there opportunities for career growth and salary advancement for IndiGo Air hostesses?

Yes, there are opportunities for career growth and salary advancement for IndiGo Air hostesses. With experience and a good performance record, hostesses can progress to higher positions within the airline, such as senior cabin crew or in-flight supervisor, which often come with increased responsibilities and higher pay scales.

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