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Every year on August 30, the National Small Industry Day is observed. It is committed to helping small businesses grow across the country and giving work opportunities to the jobless. The purpose of the holiday is to increase the possibilities for the overall growth of small industries. The goal of National Small Industry Day 2022 is to promote balanced business growth for both small and large enterprises. India’s Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME), which accounts for more than 6.3 crore businesses, generates 45% of all exports and has access to foreign markets. This unique day contributes to the growth of new industries and the improvement of the state’s financial situation.

  • An annual event is held to support local small businesses around the nation.
  • The purpose of this holiday is to support small businesses and provide unemployed people with employment options.

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History of National small industry day

A complete policy package for the SSI (small-scale industry) was introduced on August 30th, 2000 in order to properly assist and support the numerous small-scale enterprises in India. This approach effectively and urgently addressed issues with technology, infrastructure, and payment difficulties. It was also collectively decided after the policy launch that the officials would call this day in honor of the SSI. The 30th of August has been designated as Small Industry Day since the comprehensive policy’s establishment.

The National Awards Function by the Ministry of Small Scale Industries was presented in New Delhi the next year, coupled with a conference for small-scale industries for various SSI entrepreneurs.

National small industry day Theme 2022

Every year National small industry day is celebrated with a specific theme to drive our efforts in a single direction. This year’s theme is not released yet but the same will be updated once announced officially.

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Significance of National small industry day 2022

Indian economy is still in development. Small-scale industries play a significant role in a developing country’s economic development. The expansion of the Indian economy depends greatly on small-scale industries and small-scale firms. As a result, there will be a significant gain from putting various plans into action through the use of government programs to support this industry.

The central government has continued to use a variety of strategies to help the nation’s small-scale sector create more employment possibilities. On August 30, the ability of these small businesses to create jobs in both urban and rural areas will be highlighted. This is mainly due to the industry’s high manpower requirements.

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Important facts about National small industry day 2022

Small-scale industries are those that use limited resources for manufacturing and output. The Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006 states that a business is considered a small enterprise if it invests more than Rs. 25 lakhs but less than Rs. 5 crores in plant and machinery.

  • Nearly 40% of all goods and services produced in India are produced on a small scale, and this sector provides jobs for citizens all around the country.
  • Small businesses play a vital role in India’s export sector. The majority of the items that India exports are produced by these industries.
  • Due to the fact that the unit of money utilized by small-scale entrepreneurs is almost labor-intensive, their main goal is to develop employment opportunities in order to address the challenge of unemployment and semi-unemployment.
  • Through small-scale industries, the people’s education and culture are preserved. Most small and ordinary firms produce artistic and traditional benefits, and frequently, these activities are dependent on labor-intensive technology. Making the best use of physical resources is the main goal of small enterprises.

How to celebrate National small industry day 2022

  • Motivate and assist a small business to do better
  • Help them in gaining the appropriate level of recognition and marketing, and assist in enhancing their output.
  • To aid the development of the underprivileged sector of society, start a small business like creating paper bags.
  • For a better future, sell your ideas.
  • Utilize social media to raise awareness of the small businesses run by those in need.

FAQs on National small industry day 2022

What is National Small Industry Day?

It is committed to helping unemployed people find employment and encouraging small companies around the country. The goal of the day is to increase small businesses’ potential for overall growth.

When is National small industry day observed?

The national small industry day is celebrated on 30 August every year.

What is National Small Industry Day’s purpose?

Promoting small businesses across the country and providing work chances for the unemployed are the primary goals of National Small Industry Day. In order to create more jobs, the central government has undertaken several attempts to establish small businesses all over India.

What are India’s small industries?

India has many small-scale industries, including those that produce tissue paper, paper bags, pickles, chocolate, and other goods.

What is MSME’s full form?

Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises.

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