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Nobel Laureates in Literature 2022: The Nobel Prize is a famous award given annually in six distinct categories “to those who have imparted the greatest benefit to humanity during the preceding year.” In accordance with the Swedish businessman and inventor Alfred Bernhard Nobel’s will, the Nobel Prize for Literature is given “to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit upon mankind” in the field of literature. It is awarded in Stockholm by the Swedish Academy. Between 1901 and 2021, 118 Nobel Laureates received the Literature Prize, which was given out 114 times.

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Nobel Laureates In Literature 2022

The French author Annie Ernaux receives the 2022 Nobel Prize in Literature from the Swedish Academy in Stockholm “for the boldness and clinical precision with which she reveals the roots, estrangements, and collective restrictions of human memory.” The author is renowned for writing books that skirt the boundaries between fiction and memoir. The French novelist thinks that writing has the power to liberate people. Her writing is straightforward, uncompromising, and bare-bones. Annie Ernaux has accomplished something admirable and enduring when she bravely and clinically articulates the misery of the experience of class, articulating shame, humiliation, jealousy, or the incapacity to see who you are.

Nobel Laureates In Literature 2021

Tanzanian novelist Abdulrazak Gurnah was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2021 “for his uncompromising and sympathetic comprehension of the effects of colonialism and the fate of the refugee in the abyss between cultures and continents.”

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Nomination and Selection of Nobel Laureates 

Only those who qualify may submit a nomination for the Nobel Prize in Literature. The nominees’ names and other details about the nominations won’t be made public for 50 years. All eligible and qualified candidates get confidential nomination forms from the Nobel Committee for literature.

Qualified Nominators

By law, the following people have the privilege of submitting nominations for the Nobel Prize in Physics:

  • Members of the Swedish Academy and other academies, institutions, and organisations with comparable structures and missions;
  • Literature and linguistics professors at universities and community institutions;
  • Literature Nobel laureates in the past;
  • Presidents of the author societies that represent literary production in their various countries.

Selection and nomination of Literature Nobel Prize laureates

The 18 members of the Swedish Academy choose the recipients of the Nobel Prize in Literature. The four to five member Nobel Committee for Literature is the working group that assesses the nominations and makes recommendations to the Swedish Academy. Candidates for the literature award must be nominated by competent individuals who have been invited by the Nobel Committee to submit names for consideration. Other individuals who are competent to nominate but have not been invited to do so may also submit nominations. No one is allowed to nominate himself.

How are Nobel Prize winners in literature chosen?

The method of selecting Nobel Prize laureates in literature is described briefly below.

  • September – The month where this process commences, in this month only invitation letters are distributed. Hundreds of individuals and organisations entitled to nominate for the Nobel Prize in Literature are sent nomination forms by the Nobel Committee.
  • February -It is the month which is considered for the submission deadline. The completed forms must be received by the Nobel Committee by the 31st of January of the following year. The Committee then screens the nominations and offers a list to the Academy for approval.
  • April – Candidates for preliminary examination. Following additional research, the Committee picks 15-20 names for consideration as preliminary candidates by the Academy.
  • May -The Committee narrows the list to five priority candidates for consideration by the Academy.
  • June-August – Production readings. During the summer, Academy members read and evaluate the final applicants’ work. Individual reports are also prepared by the Nobel Committee.
  • September – Academy members meet for a meeting. Members of the Academy debate the merits of the final contenders’ contributions after reading their work.
  • October- The Nobel Prize laureates are announced in October. The Academy selects the Nobel Prize recipient in literature in early October. A candidate must receive more than half of the votes cast in order to be elected. The names of the Nobel Prize laureates are then announced.
  • December – Nobel laureates get their awards in December. The Nobel Reward award ceremony is held on December 10 in Stockholm, where the Nobel Prize laureates receive their Nobel Prize, which includes a Nobel Prize medal and certificate, as well as a document certifying the prize amount.

FAQs on Nobel Laureates in Literature

How many Nobel Prize winners have been in literature?

Between 1901 and 2021, 118 Nobel Prize laureates received the Literature Nobel 114 times.

Who has received the most literary Nobel Prizes?

France has seen 15 people win the Nobel Prize in Literature since 1901, making it the nation with the most recipients of the honor.

Who was awarded the first Nobel Prize in Literature?

Sullivan Prudhomme. He won the first Literature Prize for his writings, which displayed a “unique synthesis of the virtues of both heart and intellect.”

Who received the Literature Nobel Prize at a young age?

Rudyard Kipling, who was 41 years old when he received the prize in 1907, was the youngest laureate.

Who won the 2022 Nobel prize in literature?

The Nobel prize in literature 2022 has been awarded to The French author Annie Ernaux.

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