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Postal Assistant is a highly sought-after job in India, with many aspirants appearing for the recruitment exams conducted by the Indian Postal Service. The role of a Postal Assistant is multi-dimensional, involving responsibilities such as managing mail and parcels, handling customer queries and complaints, maintaining financial records and processing transactions, and ensuring the timely delivery of letters and packages. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on the Postal Assistant job profile, including the key responsibilities, required skills and qualifications, salary structure, and career growth opportunities. We will also delve into the job profile of a Postal Assistant in SSC CHSL, one of the most popular exams for aspirants seeking a career in the postal service. Through this article, we hope to provide valuable insights to aspirants keen on pursuing a career as a Postal Assistant.

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Postal Assistant Job Profile 2023

Post offices all around the nation will hire postal assistants. They will carry out their administrative responsibilities, including database input and office management. They operate during regular business hours. The following describes the duties and job profile of a postal assistant.

  • Postal Assistant in Post Office (PAPO) – As a Postal Assistant in the Post Office (PAPO), you will be required to remain seated at the desk where clients can submit Speed or Registered Mail. The Postal Assistant in Post Office (PAPO) will help visitors by helping them take their shipments and enter them on the India Post Server using the identification barcodes. The Post Office’s (PAPO) postal assistants are always interacting with new individuals and staying current on the latest events.
  • Postal Assistant in Savings Bank Control Organization (PASBCO) – At the Chief Post Office of each Circle, PASBCOs (Postal Assistant in Savings Bank Control Organisation) will be hired. Maintaining the financial system of the post office is the main duty of this role. Postal Assistants in the Savings Bank Control Organisation must collaborate with and supervise all of these procedures through the sub-post offices because post offices are now a component of the traditional banking system and the Payment Bank System.
  • Postal Assistant in Circle / Regional Offices (PACO)Circle/Regional Postal Assistants are the administrative staff members of the Circle/Regional Office. They are in charge of all sub-post facilities within their Circle and have administrative responsibility. The hours for the Postal Assistant in Circle / Regional Offices (PACO) are 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., but they are only 5 days each week (Monday through Friday). In Circle / Regional Offices, Postal Assistants never interact directly with customers.
  • Postal Assistant in Returned Letter Offices (PARLO) – If the sender’s address is included in the mail and a letter or package cannot be delivered to the intended recipient due to an address error or another reason, it will be returned to the sender.
  • Postal Assistant in Mail Motor Service (PAMMS) – Helpers known as Postal Assistants in Mail Motor Service (PAMMS) will assist with any mail delivery or transfer inside the city. Both the Post Offices and the Mail Offices will employ them.
  • Postal Assistant in Foreign Post Organization (PAFPO) – India Post works with EMS as a Postal Assistant in the Foreign Post Organisation (PAFPO) to send mail around the world. India Post receives a sizable number of goods and items from abroad each week. A Postal Assistant in the Foreign Post Organisation will keep track of each of these procedures as well as the objects sent to or received from overseas.
  • Sorting Assistant in Railway Mail Service (SARMS) – You might be employed by the railway postal service as a sorting assistant (SARMS). The Railway Mail Service (RMS) is used by India Post to send a sizable amount of mail and packages. At the RMS (the Post Office’s closest train station), sorting postal assistants will be engaged to arrange letters according to their corresponding pin codes. Sorting Assistants’ shifts are chosen by the RMS service; there are no established working hours for them. They occasionally work night shifts as well.

Postal Assistant Recruitment Promotion and Career Growth

You would be eligible to take the Inspector of Posts/Postmaster examination once you had worked for the India Postal Department for five years as a postal assistant or sorting assistant. You will advance in your career in the following ways if you take the Inspector Post Exam:

  • Assistant Postmaster
  • Postal Inspector
  • Superintendent of Post Offices
  • Senior Superintendent of Post Offices

SSC CHSL Postal Assistant Job Profile

In postal services, postal assistants and sorting assistants typically operate in different departments. Depending on the employment location and department, they may also be required to work outside of standard office hours. The workflow of postal services provided by several departments, such as the Army Postal Service, Regional Post Office, Foreign Postal Service, Mail Motor Services, etc., is aided by postal assistants and sorting assistants.

They are in charge of ensuring that the service runs easily and smoothly in their capacity as postal assistants. In addition to this, they are in charge of entering consignments into the system after categorizing them by area.

Career Growth and Promotion

The career opportunities for PAs and SAs are substantially greater than those for LDCs and DEOs. After serving for five years, PAs and SAs are qualified to apply and sit for a departmental exam for the position of Postmaster Grade I.

However, they are automatically promoted to higher positions under the MACP law after completing 10 years of service. The following is the career growth graph for the post of PA or SA:

Supervisor (LSG), Senior Supervisor (HSG), Chief Supervisor (HSG), and Postal Assistant

Mail Assistant Job Description

A Mail Assistant is a clerical-level position in the postal department, responsible for various administrative and clerical duties. They sort and deliver incoming and outgoing mail, process financial transactions, maintain records, provide customer service, operate postal equipment, and handle packages and parcels. Mail Assistants must possess a high school diploma or equivalent qualification, pass a written examination, and meet other requirements such as a physical fitness test and medical examination. They play a critical role in the postal department’s day-to-day operations, contributing to the efficient functioning of the postal service.

FAQs on Postal Assistant Job Profile

What are the eligibility criteria to become a Postal Assistant?

To become a Postal Assistant, candidates must have completed their 10+2 or equivalent examination from a recognized board or university. Additionally, they should have knowledge of the local language, and basic computer skills.

What are the job responsibilities of a Postal Assistant?

The job responsibilities of a Postal Assistant include sorting and delivering mail, processing financial transactions, maintaining records, providing customer service, operating postal equipment, and handling packages and parcels.

What is the salary of a Postal Assistant?

The salary of a Postal Assistant may vary depending on the location and the level of experience. However, the starting salary of a Postal Assistant is usually between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 35,000 per month.

Is a postal assistant a position in the federal government?

Postal Assistant, also known as Sorting Assistant, is a central government position that represents a clerical position in a post office. The Postal Assistant exam is administered by the SSC.

What are the opportunities for growth in the Postal Department?

The Postal Department provides various opportunities for growth and career advancement, such as promotions to higher positions like Supervisor (LSG), Senior Supervisor (HSG), Chief Supervisor (HSG), and Postal Assistant

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