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Every year on December 2, people worldwide celebrate World Computer Literacy Day. This day is observed to promote digital literacy, particularly among girls and young people. Even though the world is moving toward a more digital future, some facets of society still have either very little or no access to the internet. Computer Literacy Day is a day to celebrate computers, but it’s also a day to promote computer literacy across the board. There is a digital divide in the globe because those who are digitally literate have an advantage over those who are not. In order to raise awareness regarding the development of technical skills in members of underserved communities, Computer Literacy Day was created. To know about World Computer Literacy Day theme 2022, its history, significance, read the article below.

World Computer Literacy Day Theme 2022

For World Computer Literacy Day, a particular theme is chosen each year. Around this topic, a plethora of events are held on this day. The celebration’s theme for this year has not yet been made public. For information on the topics from the prior year, see the table provided:

World Computer Literacy Day Theme 2022To be announced
World Computer Literacy Day Theme 2021Literacy for human-centered recovery – Narrowing the digital divide.

History of World Computer Literacy Day

An Indian business called N.I.I.T created World Computer Literacy Day in 2001 to commemorate its 20th birthday. The National Institute of Information Technology, also known as N.I.I.T., is a business that specialises in the development of skills and ability. It was established in 1981 by Rajendra Singh Pawar and Vijay K. Thadani.

In reaction to a survey that showed that men made up the majority of computer users worldwide, the business created World Computer Literacy Day. N.I.I.T subsequently embraced the cause of educating more women and kids by providing them with computer literacy training. The company has expanded to over 30 nations since its founding in 1981.

Annual occasions like Computer Literacy Day might be an excellent way to highlight the importance of closing this digital divide. Women, children, and individuals from disadvantaged groups should all have access to computers, but this can only be accomplished via communal efforts.

Significance of World Computer Literacy Day

The significance of computers in daily life is emphasised on Computer Literacy Day. The degree of skill a person has in effectively using computers is referred to as computer literacy. Today, computer literacy may include using search engines, social media websites, and common daily-use programmes like Microsoft Office or Google Suite. Computer Literacy Day is notable because it promotes the use of digital technologies, especially by young people and women. Additionally, it is crucial since, according to reports, computer literacy is not widely available in poor nations. Therefore, it is important to increase awareness of the necessity for computer literacy.

Check out the following information about computer use in industrialised and emerging nations:

  • In June 2018, 55% of people worldwide were internet users.
  • Despite having 55% of the world’s population, just 49% of Asians utilise the internet.
  • 4.8% of the world’s population lives in North America, and 95% of them utilise the internet.

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Why Should we Celebrate World Computer Literacy Day?

Nowadays, having computer skills may make a huge difference in a person’s personal and professional life. Computer literacy skills span from having a fundamental understanding of how to use a computer to carrying out intermediate tasks like using software and computer programmes. World Computer Literacy Day should be observed because it aims to raise awareness of the following:

  • The digital divide makes it difficult to distribute digital skills globally.
  • Promoting the need for widespread computer literacy, which includes knowledge of how computers operate, how to programme them, and how to utilise them.
  • A request for governments and organisations to get in touch with people who cannot use computers.

FAQs on World Computer Literacy Day Theme 2022

When is the annual World Computer Literacy Day observed?

Every year, December 2 is observed as World Computer Literacy Day.

Why do we observe World Computer Literacy Day?

World Computer Literacy Day is observed to commemorate the founding of NIIT and to highlight the value of computer literacy, particularly for women, children, and underrepresented groups.

What will the theme of World Computer Literacy Day in 2022 be?

The theme for World Computer Literacy Day in 2022 has not yet been released.

What are the nations with the greatest computer usage rates?

The nations with the greatest rates of per capita ownership of personal computers were Switzerland, San Marino, Sweden, the United States, and Israel.

What role does computer literacy play in education?

Children who have a foundation in computer literacy can progress to more complex abilities like programming. Today, most forms of communication are digital. Children must learn how to use a variety of communication tools to interact with others in a safe, appropriate, and effective way.

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