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On November 21, countries all over the world observe World Television Day to recognise the importance of televisions as a medium that is more than just an electronic device. Since its inception, it has developed into one of the most well-known forms of entertainment. Television has had a big impact on our lives. It has an impact on every part of our lives and needs to be recognised as a really revolutionary invention everywhere. In a yearly meeting held in December 1996, the United Nations declared November 21 as World Television Day. The first World Television Forum was held on November 21st, which serves as a symbolic occasion. Along with other facets of the society we live in, such as globalisation, communication, and other things, television reflects the human mind. Television has a significant impact on how our thoughts, attitudes, and personalities are shaped. It is an excellent medium for informing, educating, and influencing us. Read the article further to know about the World Television Day 2022 theme, history and significance

World Television Day 2022 Theme

Recognizing the influence television has had on decision-making by drawing attention to conflicts, dangers, peace, and security will be the world television day 2022 theme.

History of World Television Day 

The first World Television Forum was organised by the United Nations on November 21 and 22 of that year. Here, top media professionals gathered to talk about the growing importance of television in a world that is changing quickly and to think about ways to improve their mutual cooperation. UN authorities understood that television could increase public knowledge of dangers to peace and security, attract attention to conflicts, and focus attention on social and economic issues. There is little doubt that television has an impact on global politics and is a significant medium for influencing, guiding, and informing public opinion. The UN General Assembly declared November 21 to be World Television Day in response to this occurrence, not to commemorate the television set per se but to honour it as a symbol of communication and globalisation in the modern world.The first World Television Forum was conducted by the U.N. on November 21 and 22, 1996. This day gave the media a forum and allowed them to talk about how important TV is for spreading information and how it fits into the changing world. It is the main place where people watch videos.

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Significance of World Television Day 

World Television Day, in the words of the UN, “is not so much a celebration of the technology, but rather the concept which it represents.” Every year, the world observes World Television Day to recognise the growing influence that television has on people’s views and opinions. It has a big impact on how society and the next generation make decisions.

  • In recognition of television’s expanding impact on decision-making, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed November 21 as International Television Day.
  • Additionally, it raises awareness of conflicts and threats to international peace and security as well as other pressing issues including the economy and social issues.
  • World Television Day is more about the concept it represents than the actual technology. Television represents connectivity and globalisation in today’s culture.
  • It is known that television has a rising impact on how people make decisions. It was determined that television was a crucial medium for informing, directing, and influencing public opinion.
  • Its importance in international politics, as well as its influence and presence, are also emphasised.

How to Celebrate World Television Day ?

Watching television is the most straightforward method to observe World Television Day. On World Television Day, people may revisit and relive some of the most memorable television moments that enabled people see the reality of a quickly evolving technological world in their homes, forever altering their lives and worldview. The process of celebrating World Television Day is made more bizarre by learning about human progress. Having a television is worthwhile when you can watch historical events like the establishment of Disney in 1954 and recorded speeches by world leaders like Nehru, John F. Kennedy, etc.

  • Binge night

Even if binge-watching is unhealthy for our schedules, it is our guilty pleasure, thus on the day of World Television Day, we may set aside one day to binge all the episodes and movies we have been missing due to our busy schedules.

  • Share your favourite TV moments

To share the same experience with their loved ones, whether it was yesterday or twenty years ago, people can share the titles of their favourite shows and films.

FAQs on World Television Day 2022 Theme

What day is recognised as World Television Day?

November 21st is recognized as World Television Day.

When was the first World Television Day observed?

World Television Day was created on November 21, 1996, and it has been observed annually since.

What will be the World Television Day 2022 theme?

Recognizing the influence television has had on decision-making by drawing attention to conflicts, dangers, peace, and security will be the World Television Day 2022 theme.

What is the purpose of World Television Day?

The United Nations acknowledges that television plays a significant part in presenting various issues that have an impact on people, and we are proud of how television serves as a symbol for communication and international education.

What part does television play in education?

Children’s educational television shows like Sesame Street use media to keep kids interested while teaching them about math, reading, and social skills.

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