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World Pneumonia Day Theme 2022: Every year on November 12, there is a celebration known as World Pneumonia Day to bring attention to the condition and emphasize the value of both prevention and treatment. The Day offers a yearly platform for people all around the world to unite and call for action to combat pneumonia. On November 2, 2009, the first World Pneumonia Day, a coalition against child pneumonia was established, bringing together more than 100 groups that advocate for children.

One of the most common infectious diseases that kill both children and adults is pneumonia. Although anybody can contract pneumonia, children under the age of two and adults over the age of 65 are more at risk. Use this World Pneumonia Day in 2022 as an opportunity to educate others about the illness, its prevention, treatment, and other aspects while also learning more about it yourself.

World Pneumonia Day 2022 Theme – Overview

EventWorld Pneumonia Day 2022
DateNovember 12, 2022
Declared byGlobal Coalition against Child Pneumonia
Observed byWorldwide
Purpose of the celebrationTo raise awareness about pneumonia,  promote interventions to protect against, prevent and treat pneumonia.
World Pneumonia Day Theme 2022Championing the fight against pneumonia

World Pneumonia Day 2022 Theme

Every year, World Pneumonia Day has a special subject around which the activities and conversations are planned. The official organization declares the official campaign and day’s theme. World Pneumonia Day 2022’s theme this year is “Championing the fight against pneumonia.”

Significance of World Pneumonia Day 2022

Even though pneumonia is one of the diseases that is most easily treated in terms of global health, a kid dies from the infection every 20 seconds. It is time to combine forces in the fight against the illness by increasing public awareness of pneumonia, its symptoms, and available treatments. World Pneumonia Day serves as a warning that pneumonia is a dangerous, potentially fatal infection that can strike at any time and any place. Additionally, it gives groups, advocates, and individuals a chance to coordinate awareness-raising activities. The same perspective will guide how each country celebrates World Pneumonia Day in 2022.

International Pneumonia Day was established to bring together countries with high rates of pneumonia and carbon emissions to make commitments to reduce air pollution-related pneumonia mortality by 50% by the year 2030.

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History of World Pneumonia Day 2022

The first World Pneumonia Day was observed in 2009 by the Global Coalition against Childhood Pneumonia. Their goals were to raise awareness of the severity of pneumonia among the general public and to work together to draw attention to the illness on a global scale. Since the first World Pneumonia Day, which was commemorated in 2009, the Day has been observed under the general theme “Healthy Lungs for All.” The motto was expanded to include suggestions for running campaigns, such as the need for adequate disease prevention and for disease sufferers to have easy access to medical facilities. 

Around 1.2 million children were losing their lives to pneumonia in the year when the inaugural World Pneumonia Day was commemorated. 2013 saw the announcement of an integrated global action plan for the prevention and control of pneumonia and diarrhea by WHO and UNICEF, four years after this day was observed on a national and international level. The first public-private collaboration known as “Every Breath Counts” was created to assist governments in achieving the Global Action Plan for Pneumonia and Diarrhea (G.A.P.P.D.) over the course of the following four years in an effort to establish as much control over the diseases as possible.

World Pneumonia Day 2022 Celebration

To commemorate World Pneumonia Day, the Global Coalition Against Child Pneumonia hosts a variety of activities, lectures, and workshops. More than 140 NGOs, universities, government organizations, and foundations make up the organization. These programs and activities are open to anyone who is interested in learning more about the day. You can also become a member of the medical or health organizations in your community, take part in their campaigns, and help raise awareness of the disease. Another option is to volunteer your time and/or money at a hospital that helps patients with pneumonia. Inform people about the illness and the day, and exhort them to do similar actions.

FAQs on World Pneumonia Day 2022 Theme

What is the purpose of World Pneumonia Day?

The goal of World Pneumonia Day is to increase public awareness of pneumonia and to encourage the use of protective, curative, and preventive measures.

When is World Pneumonia Day observed?

The 12th of November is designated as World Pneumonia Day each year.

What will be the World Pneumonia Day 2022 theme?

In 2022, the theme of World Pneumonia Day will be “Championing the fight against pneumonia.”

Where does pneumonia happen most frequently around the world?

Pneumonia is a problem in many nations like; Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

Who instituted World Pneumonia Day?

On November 12, 2009, the Global Alliance against Child Pneumonia celebrated the first World Pneumonia Day by bringing together more than 100 organizations that advocate for children’s health.

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