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International Day of Yoga 2023 Quiz: The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) declared June 21st as the International Day of Yoga (IDY) on December 11, 2014, recognizing the broad appeal of yoga and its proven advantages for immunity development and stress relief. Since 2015, this day has been marked in ever-increasing numbers worldwide to raise awareness of the benefits of yoga and foster a lifelong interest in the practice by emphasizing its significance and contributions to public health.

The Ministry of Ayush (MoA) is anticipating enthusiastic public engagement as the ninth International Day of Yoga (IDY 2023) preparations get underway.

In light of this, the MoA has organized an International Day of Yoga 2023 quiz competition to celebrate the 9th IDY and gauge public knowledge about yoga, previous IDY celebrations, and the ministry’s many current programs.

Terms and Conditions of International Day of Yoga 2023 Quiz

  • The Ministry of Ayush (MoA), the Indian government, and the MyGov platform are working together to organize the quiz. There will be no other way to access the quiz besides the MyGov platform.
  • The following terms and conditions shall from this point forward be regulated by Indian law and Indian court rulings.
  • The moment the participant clicks the “Start Quiz” button, the quiz will begin.
  • Once submitted, entries cannot be changed or deleted.
  • The quiz’s questions will be based on information that is readily accessible about previous International Day of Yoga celebrations. Participants can use the My Gov platform and the MoA’s Yoga Portal at https://yoga.ayush.gov.in/ to learn more.
  • Participants must submit their name, email address, phone number, and any other information requested by the submission form. By providing their information and taking the quiz, participants give the MyGov platform and MoA permission to use the information as necessary to run the quiz competition, which may include verifying participant information, announcing winners, and awarding prizes.
  • The quiz competition is only open to one entry per participant.
  • The submission of more than one entry from the same participant will not be honored.
  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the organizers reserve the right to modify the competition’s terms and conditions whenever they see fit or to cancel it altogether.

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International Day of Yoga 2023 Quiz

Q1. Which of the following Prana is confined to only the thorax?

  •  Apana
  •  Prana
  •  Udana
  •  Samana

Answer- Prana

Q2. According to Bhagwad Gita, the main forms of Yoga are?

  •  Laya, Hatha, Raja
  •  Karma, Jnana, Bhakti
  •  Mantra, Tantra, Yantra
  •  None of the above

Answer-  Karma, Jnana, Bhakti

Q3. Which of the following Kriya is contraindicated for Epilepsy?

  •  Neti
  •  Kapalbhati
  •  Trataka
  •  Both a and b

Answer-  Trataka

Q4. Which of the following is not a practice of Bahiranga yoga?

  •  Dhyana
  •  Pranayama
  •  Asana
  •  Pratyahara

Answer-  Dhyana

Q5. The mind becomes in Alpha state due to the practice of—?

  •  Asana
  •  Bandha
  •  Meditation
  •  Exercise

Answer-  Meditation

Q6. Ashtanga yoga is whose contribution

  •  Maharshi Patanjali
  •  Gorakshanath
  •  Gheranda
  •  Svatmarama


Q7. Plough pose otherwise called as –?

  •  Bhujangasana
  •  Chakrasana
  •  Halasana
  •  Sarvangasana

Answer-  Halasana

Q8. Raja Yoga is the yoga of controlling our:

  •  Sense Organs
  •  Mind
  •  Our Emotions
  •  Organs of Action

Answer- Mind

Q9. Which Mudra destroys all diseases of the rectum and prevents premature death?

  •  Brahmi Mudra
  •  Shambhavi Mudra
  •  Akashachari Mudra
  •  Ashvini Mudra

Answer-  Ashvini Mudra

Q10. What is one word that occurs in every chapter of the Gita?

  •  Maya
  •  Avidya
  •  Yoga
  •  Sanyasa

Answer- Yoga

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