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Mann Ki Baat @100 – Quiz: The monthly radio program “Mann Ki Baat” hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has revitalized the radio industry.

The 100th edition of Mann Ki Baat, which was created and carried out with the participation of the general public, will be held in April 2023.

Mann Ki Baat @100 quiz competition is being held in honor of Mann Ki Baat’s 100th episode by Prasar Bharti (Ministry of Information and Broadcasting) and MyGov India.

Take part, spread the inspiration, and succeed!

Pleasure: Rs. 4000 apiece will be given to the top 25 winners.

The deadline to participate is April 17, 2023.

Mann Ki Baat @100 – Quiz: Terms and Conditions

  • Both Hindi and English versions of the quiz are available.
  • Only one game may be played by each participant; multiple games are not authorized.
  • Once the participant clicks the “Start Quiz” button, the quiz will start.
  • A challenging question can be skipped and returned to at a later time.
  • The quiz can last up to five minutes (150 seconds).
  • The sooner a person completes the timed quiz, the better their chances of winning.
  • The quiz contains no deducted points.
  • If more than one contestant provided the same number of accurate responses, the contestant who finished in the quickest amount of time was proclaimed the winner.
  • During the quiz, participants should not refresh the page; instead, they should submit the page to submit their answers.
  • All Indian citizens and those of Indian ancestry are eligible to take the quiz.
  • The required information from participants is their name, city, phone number, and email address. Participants agree for these details to be used for the quiz’s purposes by providing them.
  • The same email address and mobile number cannot be used more than once to take the quiz.

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Mann Ki Baat @100 – Quiz

Q1. Which is the world’s oldest language as mentioned by PM in his Mann ki Baat?

  •  Urdu
  •  Sanskrit
  •  Marathi
  •  Tamil

Answer-  Tamil

Q2. Mann Ki Baat program is being aired from ____ onwards

  •  9:00 AM
  •  10:00 AM
  •  11:00 AM
  •  12:00 PM

Answer-  11:00 AM

Q3. Prime Minister had asked in the Mann Ki Baat program where the National Museum is related to postage stamps? What is the answer:

  •  Himachal Pradesh
  •  Rajasthan
  •  Gujarat
  •  Delhi

Answer-  Delhi

Q4. Why was AIR chosen by PM Narendra Modi to say his Mann Ki Baat?

  •  To reach citizens in every nook and corner of India.
  •  One medium that is accessible to all age groups
  •  To keep the communication simple yet impactful.
  •  All of the above

Answer-  All of the above

Q5. As mentioned in Mann Ki Baat, Who is the youngest Indian woman to scale Everest?

  •  Shivangi Pathak
  •  Bachendri Pal
  •  Sangeeta Sindhi Bahl
  •  None of the above

Answer-  Shivangi Pathak

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