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On November 19, the world celebrates International Men’s Day, emphasizing men’s health, gender equality, male role models, and encouraging masculinity in its best forms. It’s also a chance to celebrate guys who don’t fit the mold of traditional masculinity, including homosexual and bisexual men, transgender people, or men who identify as non-binary. The main focus of International Men’s Day is to honor the good contributions that men make to society at large. Because November also happens to be “Movember,” a month-long celebration where men grow their mustaches to raise awareness of issues affecting men’s health, such as testicular cancer and prostate cancer, being in November has particular importance. Additionally, Children’s Day is observed during this month. Many events and activities are planned to mark this day, so here we’ve created an International Men’s Day quiz that covers the history and facts of the occasion. Keep reading the article to get access to the quiz.

International Men’s Day Quiz

International Men’s Day is marked on November 19th of each year (IMD). To learn more about this Day, let’s have a look at the International Men’s Day quiz that is provided below.

Q1. When is the annual International Men’s Day observed?

  • 17 November
  • 18 November
  • 19 November
  • 21 November

Answer – 19 November

Q2. What will be the theme of International Men’s Day in 2022?

  • Helping men and boys
  • Making a positive difference to the wellbeing and lives of men and boys
  • Promoting a positive conversation about men, manhood and masculinity.
  • Making a Difference for Men and Boys

Answer – Helping men and boys

Q3. Which nation has the longest-running International Men’s Day celebration?

  • Turkey
  • Andaman
  • Malta
  • Moldova

Answer – Malta

Q4. Which Menswear brand decided to make promotional discounts on IMD in 2009, becoming India’s first business sponsor of International Men’s Day?

  • Allen Solly
  • Peter England
  • Basics
  • Louis Philippe

Answer – Allen Solly

Q5. when was the first international men’s day celebrated?

  • 1990
  • 2001
  • 1999
  • 2004

Answer – 1999

Q6. Who was the creator of International Men’s Day?

  • Dr Jerome Teeluck Singh
  • Clara Zetkin
  • Matthew Maguire
  • John P. Harris

Answer – Dr Jerome Tuluck Singh

Q7. Where was the first  International Men’s Day celebrated?

  • Chicago
  • Missouri Center
  • Copenhagen
  • Trinidad & Tobago

Answer- Trinidad & Tobago

Q8. The objectives of an International Men’s Day are outlined in ‘All The _________ of International Men’s Day.’

  • Value of men
  • Five Goals
  • Six pillars
  • None of the above

Answer – Six pillars

Q9. Which colour represents the celebration of International Men’s Day?

  • Black
  • Blue 
  • Red
  • White

Answer – Blue

Q10. Given below are some of the objectives of the International Men’s Day, with the exception of:

  • To promote positive male role models
  • Highlight discrimination against men
  • Make use of Men’s help in the society
  • Promote gender equality and improve gender relations

Answer – Make use of Men’s help in the society

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FAQs on International Men’s Day Quiz

What is International Men’s Day?

Every year on November 19, there is an event called “International Men’s Day” to recognize the value of men in society.

Why do we observe Men’s Day?

It is an occasion to commemorate the lives, achievements, and contributions of boys and men, particularly to the nation, union, society, community, family, marriage, and childcare. The event’s overarching goal is to raise basic awareness of men’s issues.

What constitutes International Men’s Day’s six pillars?

To honor the beneficial contributions made by males to the community, family, marriage, childcare, and environment. Putting a special emphasis on males’ social, emotional, physical, and spiritual health and welfare.

When did the inaugural International Men’s Day occur?

Thomas Oaster organized the first officially acknowledged ceremonies of International Men’s Day in 1992.

When was International Men’s Day inaugurated in India?

International Men’s Day was inaugurated in 2007 in India.

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