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World AIDS Day, which was first observed in 1988, occurs on December 1 every year. The purpose of World AIDS Day is to raise awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection and to remember those who have lost their lives to the disease. One of the most significant global public health concerns in recorded history, an estimated 40 million people have died from AIDS globally since 1981 and an estimated 37 million people are living with HIV. The AIDS epidemic still kills an estimated two million deaths annually, more than 250,000 of which are children, despite recent advancements in therapy.

World Aids Day will celebrate its 34th year on December 1, 2022. This day is dedicated to eradicating the stigma associated with this condition and raising awareness of it. Bunn and Thomas Netter established this day in 1987. The AIDS Day campaign has a different topic each year; for 2022, it is “Putting Ourselves to the Test: Achieving Equity to End HIV.” On the occasion of World AIDS Day, we have organized a world aids day quiz in the article below.

World AIDS Day Quiz

World AIDS Day is on December 1st, and to commemorate this, we’ve created a World AIDS Day quiz to test your understanding of the condition and showcase some of the excellent research being done.

Q1. When was the initial World AIDS Day observed?

  • 1988
  • 1980
  • 1990
  • 1999

Answer – 1988

Q2. When is the World AIDS Day?

  • December 1
  • January 1
  • October 1
  • November 1

Answer – December 1

Q3. Which color ribbons do people wear to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS?

  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Pink

Answer – Red

Q4. How is AIDS caused?

  • Fungus
  • Bacteria
  • Virus
  • None of the above

Answer – Virus

Q5. What is the theme of World AIDS day 2022?

  • Putting Ourselves to the Test: Achieving Equity to End HIV
  • End inequalities. End AIDS. End pandemics. (UN) Ending the HIV Epidemic: Equitable Access, Everyone’s Voice (US)
  • Global Solidarity Shared Responsibility
  • Communities Make the Difference

Answer – Putting Ourselves to the Test: Achieving Equity to End HIV

Q6. Which of these signs and symptoms points to HIV infection?

  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • All the above

Answer – All of the above

Q7. How may HIV/AIDS be avoided?

  • Use a clean needle in syringes.
  • Use condoms during sex.
  • Medical Tests at the beginning and during pregnancy.
  • All of the Above

Answer – All of the Above

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Q8. What is the objective of World AIDS day?

  • To inform and enlighten people about HIV infection.
  • To eradicate the stigma attached to this illness.
  • In order to generate money for R&D.
  • All of the above

Answer – All of the above

Q9. What does it mean to be HIV-positive?

  • The blood contains either HIV antibodies or the actual virus particles themselves 
  • Your white cell count is elevated
  • You are aware of HIV.
  • You have been tested for HIV.

Answer – The blood contains either HIV antibodies or the actual virus particles themselves 

Q10. Which of the following does not transmit AID?

  • Tainted blood transfusions.
  • Interacting with those who are infected.
  • Sharing sharp objects, such as syringes or blood, that have been contaminated.
  • Transmission that takes place between a mother and her kid throughout pregnancy, delivery, and breastfeeding.

Answer – Interacting with those who are infected.

FAQs on World AIDS Day Quiz

When is World AIDS Day observed?

Every year on December 1, people worldwide recognize World AIDS day. 

When was the first World AIDS Day observed?

The first World AIDS Day was marked on December 1st, 1988.

What is the purpose of World AIDS Day?

The day offers public and private partners a chance to raise awareness of the pandemic’s current state and to support global advancements in HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and care.

Who Established AIDS Day?

The World Health Organization (WHO) established World AIDS Day on December 1 in 1988.

What is the theme for World AIDS Day 2022?

In 2022, the topic of World AIDS Day will be “Putting Ourselves to the Test: Achieving Equity to End HIV.”

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