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The National Security Guard (NSG) is an elite Indian security force focusing on various forms of terrorism nationwide. NSG trains dedicated soldiers who are experts in dealing with complex, high-intensity national security threats such as terrorist attacks and hijackings. Learning about the difficult induction process and the skills required for this prestigious role can help you determine if it fits you well. This article will look at the NSG Commando Salary, duties and responsibilities, and how much an NSG commando earns.

NSG Commando Salary

One of the highest-paying jobs in the Indian Army is that of an NSG operative. While in training, NSG commandos are paid a monthly stipend of INR 18,000. They receive between Rs. 40,000 and 85,000 per month after completing their training and joining NSG. An NSG commando’s salary is the same as that of their respective armed forces before recruitment, and they are also eligible for various allowances after being inducted into the NSG.

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After the seventh pay commission of India, NSG operatives receive a special allowance of 27,000 per month and a deputation allowance of 5000 per month. When combined with their average salaries, these allowances constitute their total earnings. NSG commando pay varies depending on rank, experience, and special skills. With time and experience, a raise and additional allowances are possible. Here we are providing a salary for different NSG officers.

RankNSG Commando (Black cat commando) Salary
Director GeneralINR 2,00,000-3,00,000
Additional Director GeneralINR 1,50,000-2,00,000
Inspector GeneralINR 1,35,000-1,50,000
Deputy InspectorINR 1,25,000-1,35,000
Group CommanderINR 1,00,000-1,25,000
Squadron CommanderINR 90,000-1,00,000
Team CommanderINR 80,000-90,000
Assistant Commander Grade IINR 70,000-80,000
Assistant Commander Grade IIINR 65,000-70,000
Assistant Commander Grade IIIINR 60,000- 65,000
Ranger Grade IINR 55,000-60,000
Ranger Grade IIINR 50,000-55,000
Combatised TradesmanINR 30,000-40,000

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NSG Commando Salary: Per month

As of 2021, NSG Commando salary per month varies based on rank, experience, and qualifications. The starting salary of an NSG commando is approximately Rs. 35,000 per month. However, the salary can go up to Rs. 1 lakh per month or more for higher-ranked officers with more experience and training. In addition to the base salary, NSG commandos are entitled to several allowances, including a dearness allowance, ration allowance, and travel allowance.

NSG Commando Salary: Salary slip

An NSG commando’s salary slip would typically include the basic pay, which is the fixed amount of money they receive every month. The allowances that may be present in an NSG commando’s salary slip include medical allowance, uniform allowance, and kit maintenance allowance etc. These allowances are provided to help cover the expenses incurred by NSG commandos while carrying out their duties.

The salary slip also includes deductions such as income tax, employee provident fund (EPF), and other statutory deductions. 

NSG Commando Salary: Benefits and Allowances

Following induction, NSG operatives are eligible for a variety of allowances and job benefits, including:

  • special forces allowance
  • deputation allowance
  • special security allowance
  • travel allowance
  • field area allowance
  • dearness allowance
  • high altitude allowance
  • parachute pay
  • kit maintenance allowance
  • air/Rail travel concession
  • medical facilities
  • free stay in government quarters
  • free ration and canteen facilities
  • free education for their children
  • low-interest loans
  • lifelong pension

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NSG Commando Salary: Responsibilities

  • Conduct anti-terrorism operations

Throughout their service, NSG agents receive extensive training. They handle terrorist activities and conduct counter-terrorism operations throughout the country. NSG is divided into several groups, each with its own set of responsibilities. Counter-terrorism is the responsibility of 51 SAG and 11 SRG. These units are dispersed throughout the country to deal with any threats to national security. The primary mission of NSG units is counter-terrorism.

  • Total hostage rescue

NSG conducts hostage rescue operations and trains its personnel to deal with complex hostage situations. The extensive training enables them to devise the most effective strategies. NSG has previously provided security to various political VIPs who required protection.

  • Explosives detection and defuse

NSG agents are also trained for IEDD situations (improvised explosive device disposal). Searching for explosives, detecting threat levels, and neutralising the threat are all part of the training. Following training, NSG operatives are capable of resolving complex operations involving bomb threats. They are also in charge of conducting post-blast investigations, as well as collecting and presenting evidence.

  • Handle hijacking incidents

NSG also deals with hijackings and rescue operations. NSG commandos have the skillset required for such high-intensity situations, and they can conduct anti-hijacking missions both in the air and on the ground. 

NSG Commando Salary: FAQs

What is the salary of a NSG Commando per month?

An NSG commando earns an average of INR 7 lakh per year, with each Indian earning INR 80,000 to 300,000.

Which Commando has the highest salary?

In the Indian Army, the highest-paid commando earns $585,000.

How do I join Black Cat Commando?

There is no direct path to NSG membership. The NSG is divided into two units. These are the Special Action Group and the Special Ranger Group. To be picked for SAG, you must join the Indian Army, and to be selected for SRG, you must join a paramilitary force.

What is the work of NSG Commando?

An NSG is a special unit responsible for counter terrorism.

What is the salary of a Cobra Commando?

The average income of Cobra Commando is INR 6.9 lakh per year.

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