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International Labour’s Day is observed on May 1. People commemorate the accomplishments of workers on this day and protest in the streets for fair wages and improved working conditions. Every year on May 1, or the first Monday in May, the international labour movement promotes International Workers’ Day, also known as May Day and Labour Day in various countries, as a celebration of labourers and the working classes.

Many nations observe the first Monday in May as a national holiday, usually under the name “International Workers’ Day” or a variant thereof. Some nations, including the United States and Canada, observe Labour Day on different dates that are important to them. These nations observe Labour Day on the first Monday in September.

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International Labour Day Quiz: Introduction

An annual holiday honouring the accomplishments of workers is called Labour Day (also known as Labour Day in the United States). The eight-hour day movement, which promoted a schedule of eight hours for labour, eight hours for play, and eight hours for rest, is largely responsible for the beginnings of Labour Day.

The majority of nations consider International Workers’ Day to be equivalent to or related to Labour Day, which falls on May 1. Other nations commemorate Labour Day on a different day, frequently one that holds special significance for the local labour movement. Numerous nations observe Labour Day as a national holiday. May Day is essentially a celebration of workers everywhere and it honours them. Additionally, it is a customary spring event in the northern hemisphere. May Day is essentially a celebration of workers everywhere and it honours them. Additionally, it is a customary spring event in the northern hemisphere.

The majority of European countries, including Sweden, France, Poland, Finland, Norway, Spain, Germany, Italy, etc., observe May Day, Labour Day, or International Workers’ Day as national holidays. The day is also observed in Panama, Cuba, Mexico, Guyana, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. May Day is observed at various periods throughout the year in Australia, Canada, and the USA.

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History of International Labour Day

400,000 employees across the USA went on strike in May 1886, calling for an eight-hour workday. Although the strike began without incident, there was some violence on the third day of demonstrations in Chicago. Numerous unarmed employees were killed when the cops opened fire on them. More protests took place the following day, and a bomb was thrown. By the bomb or police shot shortly after the blast, seven police officers and four labourers were murdered. Eight employees were detained, but the bomber’s identity was never revealed. One of them received a 15-year prison term, and seven of them received death sentences. The Haymarket Affair was a significant event that helped unite working people in the USA. Many individuals contested the men’s guilt, and the unfairness of the trial was condemned. May 1 was chosen to commemorate International Workers’ Day because the Haymarket Affair came to represent the global fight for workers’ rights. Workers were encouraged to protest on this day in support of the eight-hour workday and in favour of nonviolent protest by socialist parties and labour unions. In the USA, the eight-hour workday was made a legal requirement for public employees in 1892. Workers’ movements all around the world have fought for and won this right ever since.

Significance of International Labour Day

On International Workers’ Day, people advocate for fair labour practises and good working conditions. Millions of people now enjoy essential rights and protections as a result of the long-term efforts of employees. People have the right to paid holidays and sick leave, there are restrictions on the number of hours they can work, and there are minimum salaries in place. 

However, many circumstances’ working conditions have gotten worse in recent years. Part-time, temporary, and poorly paid jobs have increased since the global financial crisis of 2008, and state pensions are under jeopardy. The “gig economy,” in which businesses hire individuals sporadically for a single brief job at a time, has also grown.These employees are not often entitled to paid holidays, the minimum salary, or redundancy compensation. It’s crucial as ever to stand in solidarity with fellow workers.

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International Labour Day Quiz

Here is a Quiz on International Labour Day for you –

  1. When is basically the International Labour Day observed in India?

May 1

May 5

May 10

March 1

Correct Answer- May 1

  1. Who is credited with making Americans aware of the significance of Labour Day?

Cesar Chavez

Peter J. McGuire

George Meany

Samuel Gompers

Correct Answer- Peter J. McGuire

  1. Where was Labour Day first began as a protest campaign?





Correct Answer- Chicago

  1. What was the 2022 International Day of Labor’s theme?

International Workers’ Memorial Day (IWMD)

Maintaining Safety and Security at the Workplace

Universal Social Protection to End Child Labor

Preserve Our National Heritage.

Correct Answer- Universal Social Protection to End Child Labor

  1. Which US state initially recognised Labour Day as an official holiday?





Correct Answer- Oregon

  1. When did Labour Day become a recognised holiday in Oregon?





Correct Answer- 1887

  1. When did Labour Day first celebrated in India?





Correct Answer- 1923

  1. Where was the first Labour Day observed in India?





Correct Answer- Chennai

  1. Why was Labour Day celebrated?

To support twelve-hours workday

To support eight-hours workday

To support twenty-hours workday

None of the above

Correct Answer- To support eight-hours workday

  1. When did the country’s first Labour Day parade take place?





Correct answer- 1882

  1. How many hot dogs are consumed by Americans from Memorial Day to Labour Day?

7 billion

8 billion

5 billion

4 billion

Correct Answer- 7 billion

  1. Which day of the week did the original Labour Day fall on?





Correct Answer- Tuesday

  1. Whose signature is on the law declaring Labour Day a federal holiday?

Grover Cleveland

Benjamin Harrison

William McKinley

Theodore Roosevelt

Correct Answer- Grover Cleveland

  1. When was the legislation establishing an 8-hour workday for railway employees passed?





Correct Answer- 1916

  1. When was May Day granted the Soviet Union’s official endorsement?

20th Century

21st Century

19th Century

None of the above

Correct Answer- 20th Century

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International Labour Day Quiz: FAQs

When is the International Labour Day observed?

International Labour Day is observed on the 1st of May. Although many countries observe it it different days. Go through the article to know about it in detail.

How is Labour’s Day now observed?

In nations including South Africa, Tunisia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and China, May 1 is a national holiday. On International Workers’ Day, protests take place in a number of nations, including France, Greece, Japan, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Workers’ Day is a day off from their regular labour for those who are employed. It is a chance to advocate for workers’ rights, express sympathy with other employees, and honour the accomplishments of workers around the globe.

Why do people in India celebrate Labour Day?

To honour the hardships and sacrifices made by the labour movement, Labour Day is honoured. It’s also referred to as May Day. More than 80 nations, including China, Cuba, and India, observe May Day.

Who instituted India’s Labour Day?

The first May Day was observed in India on May 1, 1923, in Madras (now Chennai). The Hindustani Labour Kisan Party organised it.

What does May 1st represent?

The Second International picked May 1 as the date for International Workers’ Day in 1889 to honour the Chicago Haymarket Affair and the fight for an eight-hour workday. International Workers’ Day is also known as “May Day” as a result, despite the fact that they are unconnected.

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